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  • Question Is this harassment

    I wanted to know if what a woman was doing to me years ago in another state, if was harassment?

    At the time I was going through a lot of stress. Had a few think since i never married or dated i was " gay". There was a couple of people doing things I felt was bothersome. Would visit a local library and this young dude would start talking to me while I was using a computer, saying to me ( example) " to get girls you have to pick them up in your car". At other times this one fifty something woman would sit next to me and whisper in my ear " I know a demon possessed person when I see one". She talked weird as if I were never into women. Happened a few times. I eventually told family and complained to the fbi as I had pebbles thrown at my car when I drove up town by various people. I was living in a very religious town. I guess I was to open minded for them. I did complain to the feds about it. I live in a northern state now.

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    I seriously doubt that any of those incidents rise to the level of civil or criminal harassment. Nobody's going to jail for it and I doubt that you want to come up with the money to sue somebody for something that's likely to be beyond any applicable statute of limitations.

    If none of this recurred since you left that state I suggest you just get over it and don't dwell on it anymore.


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      I think a lot of people would feel uncomfortable living in a small hyper-religious type town.
      It's probably a good think you left.
      But none of those things is a crime.



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