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File a complaint against seller, realtors or building inspector in MN

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  • File a complaint against seller, realtors or building inspector in MN

    I bought a house a few months ago and had an inspection, the day before closing, during my walk-through I noticed black spots showing behind new white paint on a wall in the basement. I asked my realtor what she thought it was, did she think it might be something like mold. She told me that it's nothing bec they had work done in the basement, it's old. Two weeks after I closed, I noticed black mold coming through the wall. I contacted my realtor and she told me contact the contractor that did the work. He came over and told me they never did any work at this end of the house and he showed me what his company did and why they did it. I showed him the mold on the wall. Right away he saw a hairline crack coming from the window leading down to the black mold. Something my inspector should've caught and if he had moved a few totes he wouldve seen the spots I saw during my walk through. The inspector also didn't look at my roof the day he inspected the house bec it was snowing. Because I paid for a full inspection I assumed he would come back since he didn't reschedule because it was snowing. He didn't. I contacted my realtor about what the contractor said. She contacted the sellers realtor and she basically said not their problem they gave me the reciepts. The reciepts aren't for where the mold is (there is also black mold in the laundry room contractor said they never worked on). After that my realtor pretty much said she can't do anything. She didn't even tell me who could help me. I also looked at the sellers Disclosure. They marked "no" on every box that the house had no problems and gave reciepts for other work. They also didn't do another Truth in Sale of Housing Disclosure, they are only valid for one year and required by law. They did one 11/2020 and I closed 11/2022. If they had done one it might've been caught. Once the snow melted I saw concrete had been poured between the house and the dirt on the side where the black mold is. Which is not a fix for that problem. It's obviously new because what they poured isn't weathered, and looks new. This proves the seller knew about the problem and knew because they painted over black mold. With the all the rain we've had and snow melting in Minnesota, the problem is significantly worse. I don't have the money to fix it now because right after I bought the house I was laid off and don't start my new job until the middle of May. I don't feel like this should be my expense. Can you tell me what I can do about this? Who is most responsible and who I can contact? It is definitely black mold and not something else. I would've been better off buying it without a realtor or inspection and could've used that money to fix the basement. What good is a realtor and paying to get an inspection if it doesn't protect me? I appreciate any and all advice.

    Thank you.

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    The seller has been paid.
    The realtors have been paid.
    The inspector has been paid.

    Nobody is going to take any responsibility for any of it and there were probably disclaimers and waivers that you agreed to during the escrow.

    Your realtor either relied on what she was told or outright lied to you.

    You may have had some leverage had you refused to close until the issue was resolved. That ship has sailed.

    If you are contemplating a lawsuit, consult an attorney. A consultation may tell you whether you have any chance at success. When you find out how much money the attorney will want, you'll probably think better of the idea. Though there is always small claims court if you think you can prove fraud or negligence. MN's small claims limit is $15,000.


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      Ok. Thanks for your answer.


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