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Need Advice! Crazy Neighbor... The Cops Are No Help

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  • Need Advice! Crazy Neighbor... The Cops Are No Help

    Ok I'm gonna try to explain my best of what is going on with my neighbor... He is a male in his 60's and he is just plain crazy. June of 2006 he was caught by another neighbor looking in our windows when no one was home. So my Mom called the cops and they came when I was there and made no big deal of it. Now this guy thinks he owns the block. Ever since then he has been really not good, now he screams and yells from inside his house about us and a few other people. All the cops say is that he's not usuing names so it is not a threat, Which I feel is bull. What upsets me is when he yells and screams he does it with the purpose of us hearing him.

    Now fast foward to this month. On and off he has been trapping squirrels then selling them for pelts and meat. He was warned a year ago by the SPCA Cop, and he started again a few months ago so he got a hefty fine and has a court date. About two days later I was up late and had the urge to look out my front window and I caught him giving my moms car a flat tire.. So I woke her up and we called the cops. When he came out he said that he didn't do it and that I was crazy which pisses me off.. The cops took it as a silly neighbor dispute which I feel is unfair. All they said it was a he said they said issue. that there was no concrete evidence. Also this guy is friends with the cheif of police in town. So he always seems to get off easily which I feel is unfair cause this guy is seriously mentally ill. He is also known for years now of killing cats in the neighborhood, which nothing has never been done.

    What caused this whole episode is two weeks ago we found my Moms friends cat dead in the middle of the road, the cat wasn't crushed or anything, we know that he killed the cat, but again can't prove it. So he is taking it out by giving my mom a flat tire about the whole squirrel innocent. It just floors me that the cops aren't taking this serious at all it seems.

    The newest issue now with him is we are finding bits of food in our yard that looks like he is throwing over. I'm thinking it is poisoned or something for our dog to eat. Since we found the dead cat we don't let our cat out at all because of this. Now if we find more pieces of food thrown into our yard which is right next to his part of the yard is there any place that will test the food to see if it is tainted?

    I am really upset and confused that the cops are acting this way as if me and my Mom are the ones being wrong. They also know this guy is bad news. I just don't understand, I still say it is becuase he is friends with the cheif of police.

    I feel is anything else sets him off me or my Mom might get hurt or killed. Cause is he has no problem killing animals then he might not have any with hurting us. I hate the fact that the cops say they can't do anything until something like this happens. I really do not feel safe at all. I sorta doubt he would go this far, but you never know and the fact that the cops are this way how are we suppose to feel safe?

    My e-mail is [email protected]

    Any advice would be helpful...

    Thank You..

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    re: Need Advice! Crazy Neighbor... The Cops Are No Help

    You may want to set up those small inexpensive cameras and catch him in the act, then the police will have to act.


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      re: Need Advice! Crazy Neighbor... The Cops Are No Help

      Sounds like my neighbor must have a brother! Take everything seriously! Buy the cameras! Get a good digital camera w/ optical zoom and use it! Talk to a victims advocate about a protection order! Document, document, document! It will be an uphill battle. I know I'm four years into it, with a protection order in place, in a small town that doesn't want to admit they have a problem! Best of Luck...
      P.S. Always have a witness (not a family member if at all possible)


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        re: Need Advice! Crazy Neighbor... The Cops Are No Help

        I meant to tell you that you also need to get with the neighbors and start a block watch and for gods sake don't ask him to be a part of it! There is a reason he isn't being asked to join your group and others will start to question why and start looking to see if it has anything to do with his behavior!


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          re: Need Advice! Crazy Neighbor... The Cops Are No Help

          I have a similar situation; this is only a part of it!!!.....My neighbor is a women in her 60's and lives alone. We share a house being semi-attached, and we can hear her through the walls. She struggles with some mental illness, also. Recently she sold her home;although her 2 sons own the other 2/3rd of the property while she continues to live there. She fell recently 3 TIMES NOW down her flight of steps breaking and rebreaking her arm. I suspect an addiction to pain killers and attention. A few months ago; she fell while I was not home and was yelling HELP ME!! HELP MEEE! through the walls..omg. My Hubby called me and was like NOwWW what should we do? I called the Ambulance and Police were both on their way. In the meantime he knocked on the door to tell her they were on there way..she aNSWERED the door and was like noooo I'm okay!!!!!!! Tell them NOT to come!!!
          She used to ask/demand him/us to do yard work, move stuff, put her trash out. And we used to hepl her but I flat out told her NO MORE. Don't even CALL us any more...she still calls us!! The last phone call was like," I'm bedridden so if you hear me YELLING through the walls for help...." Her sons need to step in and be responsible...HELP!!!


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