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Landord untruths lies and fraud

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  • Landord untruths lies and fraud

    I rented out a house I found on Facebook marketplace were they have property rentals and other things for sale including houses down to shoes . I have been renting a home from a person their for the past 5 months and just found out that he isn't even the owner of the home he told me for the past months that he even built this house. I have had some many bad encounters with this person and because not only was he pertaining to be my landlord he also lived in the house across from me ( on the same property) I have been left with no running water since the 21st of May and today marks the 30th of the month with no water , toilet , shower or sinks and clogged drainage. When u just found out that the person pertaining to be the owner who has signed documents even with the county of San Diego because I am part of of county program who helps with a percentage of my rent in which he even signed a a w-9 form with them and a ach authorization form along with the lease agreement and now I found out today when the real owner came for a stop by the house not even knowing about the situation I found out the guy I have been paying isn't even the original landlord the landlord has been trying to get that guy out of the house and he hasn't even been paying the rent to the house -- What should I do?

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    I wish to inform you that you may set aside your agreement with this person and can seek compensation for loss suffered by you. As other person is not owner of premises but has misrepresented thus you may terminate agreement based upon misrepresentation done to you. You may also demand any loss suffered by you because of misrepresentation. If other person refuses then you may file civil action lawsuit. Further you may compel the person to take action to provide running water and clear drain as he by signing agreement was acting as landlord. Further in accordance with Green v. Superior Court you may withhold rent payment for serious defects which can include plumbing defects.

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      There are several resources available in the San Diego area.

      san diego tenant legal assistance at DuckDuckGo

      Also contact the county office that subsidizes your rent.


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        Sue them all in small claims court that's what I would do


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