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Would this cause eviction, other housing problems?

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  • Would this cause eviction, other housing problems?

    Been writing her. We are interested in each other. I have no luck with local women. She has a larceny record. Her first felony. I live in federal housing. I've never lived with a woman besides my mother.

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    You'll have worse luck with her. She's a criminal. Move her in and she'll steal from you or do drugs or have low life friends come over to party.

    As for your housing, read your lease and the facility rules to see if there are consequences.


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      There's always a possibility and things can go south at any time. She has a record, I would advise not to move in with her. If you are still looking for help with eviction related issues you can check out Stop Eviction Consultants in California.


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        Love unfolds in many odd ways. Do what you want but be cautious.
        Nobody has to move in with anybody immediately. In fact that's probably not a particularly good idea. As in any relationship.


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          And how did you find out that she has a criminal record? She told you herself, or you found out in some other way. Sometimes people make mistakes, but this does not mean that they did not draw proper conclusions and did not correct themselves afterward.


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