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Pest Infestation and other issues

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  • Pest Infestation and other issues

    I am needing to get some advice. I live in tennessee and I am currently renting a mobile home my lease says that the tenant is responsible for pest control. A week into moving in my home i noticed it had roaches as I was unpacking I brought it to my landlords attention they just shrugged it off and told me to put bait traps out. I did that and it just keeps getting worse. I also noticed that i was getting insulation in my air vents come to find out I have mice. It gets better my air condition was supposed to be fixed but the problem is still happening to where the house is not cooling down properly I set my air on 72 and its constant never changes but my house will only get down to 80 they have had 2 air conditioning people come out and "fix it " but nothing has changed my refrigerator is leaking and causing puddles in my floor I have put a ticket in for it to be fixed they said it was the seal and replaced it but the refrigerator still leaks the house is always damp and some of my walls look like they have water damage the ceiling looks like it's about to fall in the carpets haven't been cleaned and the house is not properly sealed. The wall that has the breaker box looks like it has had water damage as well. The front porch is about to fall apart. Are these sufficient reasons to break a lease and get my deposit back i have been living here since February 2021 and I have a 4 year old and a newborn . I feel as though this is going to be a never ending cycle and I pay 800 a month for this place and I feel as though I'm responsible for the rental as if I owned it. Can someone please help and give me advice thanks
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    Unfortunately, a lot of those conditions were present when you decided to rent the place but you rented it anyway and signed the lease presumably after reading and understanding it.

    I suggest you thoroughly and carefully study the Tennessee landlord tenant statutes for your rights and the landlord's obligations.

    Tennessee Code Title 66, Chapter 28 (2019) - Uniform Residential Landlord and Tenant Act :: 2019 Tennessee Code :: US Codes and Statutes :: US Law :: Justia

    If there are any remedies in there, follow the procedures to the letter.

    Also check your city and county codes to see if there are any violations to report.

    Even if you have a habitability issue that allows you to break your lease, you can bet you aren't going to get your deposit back, at least not without suing the landlord.


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      I'm sure that this is primarily a problem of the landlord. The landlord MUST provide the tenant with decent living conditions in the house. He is the owner of the property, which means that he is responsible for its condition. Your mistake is also in this situation, but I don't consider it critical. Once, out of hopelessness, I rented an apartment where there was mold on the walls and spiders constantly climbed out of a hole in the ceiling. I lived there for six months, as agreed with the owner, but immediately moved out after the expiration of the term. Such owners earn for a very long time from people who dont have the opportunity to quickly change housing. You can read all the articles on and try to control pests on your own, but this is unlikely to help. The responsibility should be on the owner.


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