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need ex boyfriend out of house but wont leave/hasn't shown preparation to leave

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  • need ex boyfriend out of house but wont leave/hasn't shown preparation to leave

    I have seen similar thread but this is now in time of Covid firstly. That may change the options available in Ontario, Canada?
    I have lived in the house for 21 years, it is owned by my father. He is currently experiencing vascular dementia. My mother would be his power of attorney if needed in the case of what was recommended in the similar thread of a formal eviction?.
    The other thread the mother in law was in the house with the poster and the "ex"partner needing to be removed. This is not the case here. My parents live next door on a separate property.

    The sharing of space as a couple started 2 years ago but a year ago separate bedrooms began due to stress and sleeping issues; I was working as an essential worker covering night sleep shifts requiring traveling of 30 minutes each night there and back in the morning; He was not working as he was laid off and coping by drinking beer and playing video games. The situation became nothing more than a typical roommate situation. Would that negate this being a family law situation as I have been told by the local legal aid clinic that it is family law?

    Mid July I communicated in writing that I was no longer going to live with him in this house and advised him that it was no longer healthy and to please be moved out for September 1. I plan on using the house to provide respite for special needs individuals in my community and thought that was enough notice to proceed with this request. It was done in writing over verbally as to not only be more official and provide a record but also as he has yelled at me in the past year. I work a lot, and two days later when I returned from work he had been drinking beer and wanted to talk, I said not right now, he proceeded to yell at me that "we were over, he was leaving and taking his furniture and that I was messed in the head for remembering being yelled at" so I do have record in writing of his acknowledging yelling at me while drinking and then confirming that he did not remember the content of what was yelled at me due to having been drinking, does this help the eviction process? Would it change the involvement of my parents being the ones to proceed with the eviction?

    He has yet to pack anything; I have friends holding furniture for me; I have friends telling me to pack his things and change the locks; I am hoping for a civil resolution where I can have this house back and feel like I can be using the whole house rather than just my bedroom to relax in when he is here.

    Thank you so much, I hope this isn't too much information, I saw we are not to cross post so that is why I added to the details.

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    In the US this arrangement would have devolved into a landlord tenant situation. I don't know if that is true in Ontario but here's the Ontario landlord tenant statute:

    Residential Tenancies Act, 2006, S.O. 2006, c. 17 (

    Study carefully. You might be able to evict through the courts if you give proper written notice of termination of tenancy.

    On the other hand if you fear the possibility of violence, a protective order will get him out faster.

    I suggest you talk to an attorney and decide on the best way to handle this.

    Advice for the future: Don't live with boyfriends, don't live with roommates. Those arrangements often turn into nightmares when you want them to end.


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      Thank you!!
      I will review all you've suggested.
      This was the first live in anything in a long time and won't happen again.



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