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Received a notice for property recovery hearing

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  • Received a notice for property recovery hearing

    I am behind on rent due to my income getting reduced as a result of COVID. My landlord has been relatively understanding, but has reached his limit and has filed for recovery of real property (I am in PA). The amount is significant as he charges huge late fees (almost equivalent to a month of rent). I filed for ERAP (rental assistance) in June and am still waiting for that to be paid out. The case worker told me this week that it was in the ‘to be paid’ folder.
    I don’t want to lose the home I live in, I don’t deny I owe past due rent and fees and am assuming the only way to stay is to pay what I am being ‘sued’ for? I have never been in a situation like this, am embarrassed and fortunately, my income is now back to it’s pre-COVId level.

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    The CDC eviction ban is in existence in most places in the US right now. Till Oct 3 at least.

    Can you use that to stop the eviction?
    Have you looked at that. It seems that may help you.



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      Originally posted by IAS123 View Post
      my income is now back to it’s pre-COVId level.
      Then write a check to the LL for some of that income and reach an agreement about paying it back instead of the hearing.

      Money talks.

      Wanting to pay is not the same as paying.

      When I was a landlord I wouldn't give a defaulting tenant an inch without money in hand.


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