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Oregon landlord refusing to allow guests/discrimination.

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  • Oregon landlord refusing to allow guests/discrimination.

    I have a question regarding both Oregon's landlord/tenant laws and discrimination. First some back-story. This last year I was the victim of an armed burglary that was set up by someone whom I had considered a close friend. All 3 people involved were caught and convicted & now serving time. This has been a hard event to get past in a small rural community even though I am a law abiding citizen with an absolutely sparkling clean record & was the victim. Recently I have become friends with a lady that rents & moved in across from me. Her landlord lives in an adjacent property that allows him constant surveillance of the properties both physically & with security cameras. (Which are very often pointed at my houses windows, causing us to constantly have to have all the blinds drawn to get privacy in my own home.) Recently he has informed my friend that I am not allowed access on his property & has threatened eviction if she does not comply. He even accused me of copying the property house keys when I was in possession of her keys while borrowing her car. She rents month to month & now my friend is in fear of her & her family loosing their residence. Is this singling out of a tenents guest legal under Oregon's landlord/tenant laws? Also, with me individually being singled out & the landlords unfounded accusations would this be considered discrimination &/or slander towards me?

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    Re: Oregon landlord refusing to allow guests/discrimination.

    I wish to inform you that rent agreement governs rights of landlord. If there is nothing in rent agreement which allow landlord to restrict guests then he cannot restrict your entry. However as your friend is a month to month tenant therefore she can be evicted by landlord. Further as regards making false statement against you there can be charge of defamation and you can claim compensation for such accusation. If you had not done such an act then defamation lawsuit can be filed.



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      Re: Oregon landlord refusing to allow guests/discrimination.

      It appears her choice is relatively simple. Ignore you or move.
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        Re: Oregon landlord refusing to allow guests/discrimination.

        First, there's no discrimination. Second, the property owner (LL) can refuse you access to the property. If this is a deal breaker for the tenant, SHE needs to move.

        The only actionable thing here is the cameras. If they are indeed focused on your indoor living areas he can be forced to redirect them. Check with your local police/sheriff.

        Aside from that, you just need to get over it.

        Illegal discrimination can only occur where an action is taking against someone BECAUSE of their protected status (race, religion, handicap, etc) NOT just bc you feel you've been treated unfairly.


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