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Unlawful occupant? (California mobile home residence)

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    Re: Unlawful occupant? (California mobile home residence)

    And no, I'm not claiming I dont have to pay rent. I'm not stupid, I know I have to pay rent. However, when I'm told 3 different amounts, 3 different times, and my landlord refuses to give me a I'm not going to pay some random amount that comes out of her a**. I will pay what I have to pay, when I am given a bill. Do you walk into the gas company, or electric company and hand them some random amount? No, you wait for a bill, so you know what to pay. Stop treating me like an idiot. You're the jerk here, not me.


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      Re: Unlawful occupant? (California mobile home residence)

      I find it interesting the story keeps changing each time you post. Are you Bi-Polar or do you suffer from Multiple Personality Disorder?
      Due to a recent promotion, I should now be referred to as Major Obvious.

      I would not be trying to provide information and knowledge if I did not sympathize.

      Some days it is just not worth chewing through the restraints to face life.


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        Re: Unlawful occupant? (California mobile home residence)

        "However, when I'm told 3 different amounts, 3 different times"

        This is not what you originally posted:

        "Since December the park manager has not provided me with a bill for the space rent"

        "I will pay what I have to pay, when I am given a bill."

        And this is why you are now facing the possibility of an eviction.



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          Re: Unlawful occupant? (California mobile home residence)

          Originally posted by Unregistered View Post
          Just got off the phone with my attorney. Thank you Disagreeable and Gail for both being jerks about answering a question. No one needs your kind of help. According to my ATTORNEY, I am in the right. Regardless of the fact that I havent paid rent ( since I was never told an actual amount to pay-- not on my lease), she cannot use this particular civil code to get rid of me. And the claim I made about them repairing the HEALTH AND SAFETY hazards that were listed in my ESCROW paperwork, yeah, I was right on that too. Since they have not held up THEIR contact, I am legally eligible to withdraw from escrow with a full repayment of my deposit. It is ENTIRELY the parks responsibility to fix these issues within the contracted dates, which have expired.

          So, from now on, maybe only people who know what the heck their talking about should answer legal questions. Not people who get their kicks by being rude, insufferable human beings.
          I am pleased to hear you met with a real estate attorney over the dispute,in light of the law being on your side from what you reported.

          When one looks for advice on the law, the applicable statutes need to be employed -- and the services of a knowledgeable real estate attorney to review documents they signed.

          Real estate contracts are governed by the law and their contents, which makes it impossible for someone to advise who has not seen the documents and reviewed them in light of the applicable state's laws.

          You did the right thing and apparently will come out on top in this matter.



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