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Los Angeles, tenant rights (occupant or tenant?)

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  • Los Angeles, tenant rights (occupant or tenant?)

    I am very grateful for anyone who would offer advice and information.
    I moved from my rental house to a one bedroom apartment a year ago. I am separated from my husband since (due to domestic violence). My in laws offered to pay my rent for a year if I left the house, therefore saved my husband from being evicted. I was a stay home mom, with no income, and I accepted. They found a one bedroom apartment and signed a month to month agreement with the apartment complex. They paid my rent for a year.
    As we have agreed, I was going to continue making rent payments as of this month, but I received a letter from my Father In-Law saying that he is giving 30 days notice to the management. (I was granted a restraining order after our agreement,which they are not very happy about)
    I do not want to leave, but still not working, I am just going to get help from my ex as agreed (not divorced yet). I will have enough money to pay the rent, but my manager does not let me stay as I do not qualify.
    My ex offered to sign but he has filed bancruptcy since we have been separated, therefore they do not accept him either.
    The manager said as far as shes concerned she received a 30 day notice and I would have to leave. If not, I will be evicted. I have a 5 year old child and no other place to go. My abusive ex wants me to lift the restraining order and move-in with him.
    I am told I have to leave by the end of february to avoid eviction.
    We Live in Los Angeles, CA.
    My in-law signed the lease. The paper says "this agreement is between him and the apartment company" . But the manager made me sign every page even though it doesn't specify me as an occupant or tenant. My car is on their paperwork.
    (I live upstairs from the manager, it was a very honest agreement she knew I was the one who was going to live there)
    All utilities and such are on my name.
    It is a month to month agreement.
    He sent 30 day notice to the manager along with the last months rent.
    Please help me.

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    re: Los Angeles, tenant rights (occupant or tenant?)

    I'm afraid we can't do much for you. This was a month to month agreement, which means that agreement can be terminated by either party. The agreement wasn't in your name, it was in your FIL's name. (You were only an occupant.) He has decided to terminate the agreement and has given you notice of this. Management has accepted the notice. You were properly notified that you have 30 days to move out. Since you have not yet reached your one year occupancy, this is the correct amount of notice for your state.

    Further, while you attempted to take over and sign your own agreement with management, you do not qualify. You do not meet income levels. Your ex-husband does not qualify as a co-signor since he has poor credit. Unless you find another person who can qualify as a co-signor, you have no way to qualify for the unit on your own.

    Your only choice is to move out. If you fail to move out, an eviction will be filed. It should be filed against the person on the agreement, your FIL, plus all others - you, So your FIL should be "evicted" too. He probably owns his own home so it wouldn't affect him. He wouldn't be attempting to re-rent anywhere. But it would affect your ability to re-rent. Future LLs would refuse you because of the eviction.

    You have little choice. You need to get a job or some other assistance to get emergency housing. Call or visit the housing authority, Job and Family Services (or other social services department), contact churches and charities, but find some emergency assistance money to move into another place. Don't move back with an abusive person. You have had a year to get on your feet. You need to get moving now so you will have housing next month.


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