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CA: rented a room renter stole my property and identity

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  • CA: rented a room renter stole my property and identity

    Can i sue this woman? I rented a room from a lady we had a verbal agreement that i would pay rent on the first of every month and give a 30 days notice when i needed to leave. I moved in on novemember 7th and paid the full months rent plus utilies. By the 27th she and i had an silly unrelated arguement in which she became extremly violent and threatend my life. i left for the night to stay with a friend till she calmed down and when i came back to the house the lockes had been changed. All of my possessions were inside the house, so i had the police come and help me get somethings but while they were there she flipped out on them and accused them of being fake police and she managed to steal my computer and other very important items from me and kicked me and the police out. The next day i was homeless and forced to leave my job to move to las vegas with my parents. She called my job and told them i was stealing and a drug addict witch was not true and luckily my boss didn't believe. Since she has my computer she hacked into all my accounts and banking and has sent slandering emails to everyone i know. she also has my work portfolio that i can not replace and need to have to find another job. So my my question is what can i do?

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    Re: CA: rented a room renter stole my property and identity

    You certainly can sue.

    As a tenant at will (without a lease) she needed to provide you with adequate notice to vacate before she even thought about changing the locks. (Please provide the state so we can tell you how much notice she was to have provided.) If she gave you not notice, but just changed the locks, you can sue her for an illegal eviction. No one can just change locks on a tenant. You had no notice to move, you had no opportunity to retrieve all your things. Sue her for an illegal eviction for moving expenses, rent for the new place, the deposit, and for punitive damages for acting in bad faith.

    File a police report now on the stolen computer. Contact your internet provider and your e-mail account that it has been backed into by a stranger. They can change passwords for you. Get a copy of the stolen property report and the report from the night they escorted you to retrieve your belongings. Sue for the value of the missing item(s).

    You can further sue for slander or lible (depending on written defamation or not). Get copies of the e-mails sent to these people about you. Get an internet address that they were sent from. Obtain an attorney and have him request the internet address user's name from that provider so you will have proof that it was her.

    You will need an attorney and probably want to sue in civil court, not small claims. You have a huge case against your former LL.


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      Re: CA: rented a room renter stole my property and identity

      An update:

      Sorry, I didn't see the CA tag on the post. For some reason I didn't see it on this screen, only on the initial screen. A LL in CA must give a tenant at will 30 days notice to vacate if they have lived there less than a year. If they lived there a year or more, 60 days notice is required. CA is tenant friendly. You may get a huge settlement.


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