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Promises Broken -- I am on a month to month tenancy

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  • Promises Broken -- I am on a month to month tenancy

    I was living in a second floor unit in the same building I live in now. I moved upstairs the first of June. I am on a month to month tenancy. Before moving in the 3rd floor apartment the landlord promised that I would have new windows put in every room of my unit. Five days before I moved in, the landlord and I had a conversation about the windows. They still had not been replaced, and he promised that they would definitly be replaced before the end of the summer. Well low and behold, only ONE window was replaced, and poorly at that. They had to cut the exterior and interior wall to put in a bigger window in the kitchen. It is not sealed properly and there is a huge draft coming in the window. Up until two days ago i had no heat in my apartment and my 7 year old and I have been very ill. The temperature has been cold, and every other apartment in the building had heat. There was a problem with a pump that pushed the heat up to the thrid floor. All the windows in my apartment are drafty and i have put plastic over the windows. I stressed to the LL that the window in the living room did not close all the way, that the window in the master bedroom was broken, and that the second window in the kitchen (the one that wasn't replaced poorly) does not close properly either, that when the wind is strong that it blows open on it's own. We also have a mouse problem in our building. Every tenant has complained to him many times about this and he has done nothing about it. My toilet runs constantly costing him money. I have complained to his *superintendant* about it weekly and nothing is ever done about it. He also promised to replace my back door to the fire escape before I moved in and to also put a screen door there as well. Almost 2 months after moving in the back door was replaced, very poorly as well. It is drafty and not sealed properly. The screen door has been sitting in my apartment since then as well. It has fallen a few times, and i am afraid it may harm my child or my dog if it happens again. I was promised to have a new tap installed into my bathtub prior to moving in as well. It was done last month after complaining to the *superintendant* daily about it. It took me 1 1/2 hours to run a bath every day and there was no shower option because it is an old tub that did not have the connection. It took the *super* 3 days to finish the job. I also have a problem with my kitchen faucet leaking, actually is pours water constantly. I have made complaints to the *super* verbally and in writing. I pay my rent on time and in full on the first of every month, even though promises to me have been broken constantly, and i am about the only tenant in this building that does so. I am very frustrated due to the lack of heat and the lack of repairs. All these small issues build and seem to grow every day. Is there any legal ramifications I can pursue to enforce the LL to *own up* to his promises. I plan on moving in the next few months because of the lack of concern for these issues. any advice?

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    re: Promises Broken -- I am on a month to month tenancy

    You may sue in small claims for any and all issues that diminish the value of your lease.

    It also is permitted to break the lease if they have failed to comply with the lease and/or there are health or safety concerns, but save all information, evidence etc. in case they dispute the situation and try to take you to small claims court.


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