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bad conditions, failure to repair

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  • bad conditions, failure to repair

    State: Texas

    1. 8/22/06-Issues with pest control.roaches to be more specific. It was so bad that we contacted them twice to have someone come out and spray. I don't remember the first date that someone came by, but I complained again on this date and no one ever showed up. I even tried to contact outside businesses to see if someone could come by and spray, but because Township Apartments is under a contract, no one could do it. It resulted in us purchasing our own pesticides, which still didn't seem to solve anything. To this day, we still do not have anything in our kitchen cabinets out of fear of contamination. All of our dishes are in a plastic storage bin. We also noticed that the bottom of the microwave that was in the apartment when we arrived is filled with dead roaches and roach fecal matter.
    2. 09/05/06-The kitchen light fixture began leaking water. We called the office immediately and we were informed that someone would come by and check it out. We assumed that someone would come asap, since it involved a risk of electrocution. But no one came by on that day.
    3. 09/06/06-The light fixture was no longer leaking, but we still wanted someone to check it out, so we called again. Once again, we were told that someone would come by and check it out. No one ever showed.
    4. 09/07/06-This was our last time calling about the light fixture. No one showed, once again. This time, we decided to drop the issue, since it hadn't leaked anymore.
    5. 09/11/06-The ceiling over the bathtub began leaking. This was a shock to us, since there weren't any indications of a leak about to begin (brown spots). We called the office and informed them of the leak. They assured us that someone would come by.
    6. 09/13/06-Someone finally came by to look at the ceiling, but by this time it had begun to crumble inside of the bathtub and there were termites that could be seen in the gaping hole. Another area, over the tub, had also began to leak. It had become difficult to bathe and shower without dirty water or pieces of the ceiling dripping into the bath water or on you while you took showers. The maintenance man looked at it and said that he would come back the next day and fix the issue. At that time, we also informed him that the light in the kitchen had leaked earlier and that maybe the issues were related. He didn't seem really interested in that issue since it was no longer leaking.
    7. 09/14/06-The maintenance man came by once again to look at the now gaping hole of exposed rotting wood in our bathroom ceiling. Once again he said that he and his crew would come back to fix it.
    8. 10/19/06-My roommate and I came home at about 11:30PM to find our kitchen, hallway, and bathroom flooded with water. It appeared that the water was coming from the area underneath the dishwasher (that we've never used, because of the pest control issue). Also, the light fixture in the kitchen had begun leaking again. It was clearly too late to call the office, so we decided to do so the next morning. And let's not forget, there's still a hole in the ceiling in our bathroom that continues to drip water everyday and grow in size.
    9. 10/20/06-My roommate and I leave work early (we are employed together) so that we can talk to someone in the office about the issues that we're having with our apartment in person in hopes that a face-to-face conversation with get the job done. It was about 11:00AM when we made it to the office. As you can imagine, after all that has happened, my roommate and I were very frustrated with how things have been going, yet we remained tactful. We talked to the office attendant and briefly told her about our issues and we asked if we could talk to the manager. She informed us that the manager was busy, so we asked for the corporate office's number. She didn't give it to us, but she went back to the manager's office and then returned and told us that we could go to the back and speak with her. We informed the manager about our issues and she then went on to apologize and said that she'd have her guys come out and fix the issues asap. We left the property in order to not get in the way of the maintenance crew. We returned about an hour and a half later to see if there had been any progress. When we turned, we saw that all of the water had been sucked up and that the carpet in the hallway had been cut in order to take the padding underneath it out so that it could be replaced. The maintenance man told us that someone would be by Monday to finish fixing everything (it was a Friday). **Even though they had begun fixing on our apartment, we still found out their corporate office's number. We called and asked to speak with someone but the secretary told us that the person that we needed to talk to was too busy to speak with us at the time, so we just left a message. We were informed that we'd receive a call back.**
    10. 10/23/06-We came home from work with the hopes that our apartment would be fixed, but it wasn't. We saw the maintenance man outside (while checking the mail) and we asked him about our apartment since he said that someone would be by to finish it that day. He then said they would come by some time that week. **We contacted the corporate office, once again and once again we were told that they were too busy, but, we received a call from the manager of our apartment complex and she stated that she'd received an email from the corporate office which stated that we were trying to make a complaint against them. She left this message on my voicemail since we missed the call. My roommate and I were a little upset with this, because we didn't understand how the people at the corporate office was too busy to speak to us, yet they had enough time to contact our complex and inform them that we were trying to file a complaint.**
    11. 10/25/06-We came home from work to see that the maintenance crew had begun fixing the ceiling in the bathroom. They'd cut out parts of the ceiling and replaced it. When they left there had been some parts of the ceiling and wall that were left exposed and there was still a small hole in the ceiling from where they'd been doing the repairs. He told us that he couldn't finish it that day, but they'd be back the next day to finish taping it up, painting it, and to replace the padding in our carpet that they'd cut out. **No one still ever checked out the light fixture in the ceiling.** Even though our bathroom was left in a very unpleasant condition, we were very excited about being able to take baths and showers without anything falling down on us.or so we thought. Some time after they left, I cleaned out the tub and I noticed that there was tons of dead ants. I assumed that they came out of the ceiling when they had been working on it. After I'd finished, I ran me some bathwater. I got into the tub and next thing I noticed was ants floating in the water with me. I thought I'd just missed a few until I saw one fall from the ceiling. There was now a new issue. There were no longer pieces of ceiling or dirty water falling from the ceiling, but ants. The ants continued to gradually fall, which inhibited us from taking baths or showers, again.
    12. 10/26/06-My roommate and I noticed a small puddle of water the night before on the bathroom counter. We thought nothing of it. We figured it was from us taking a wash up (since we couldn't bathe) and wiped it up. That morning (getting ready for work), however, there was another puddle that had spread from the counter, to the drawers, to the cabinets, to the floor. By this time, I can't even express to you how frustrated we were. Since maintenance had told us that they'd be by this day, we figured we'd just tell them after we got off of work. But when we got off work, we saw that no one had come by yet. At this time, we were so tired of complaining that we just decided to clean up the water ourselves and give them one more day. There were also still ants falling from our ceiling.
    13. 10/27/06-My roommate and I returned home from work to find that there was still nothing done to our apartment. The padding still hadn't even been replaced and there was another puddle of water on our bathroom counter. At this time, we went back to the office. We talked to the assistant manager and told her everything that had been going on. We told her that the maintenance man told us that he would fix the bathroom ceiling two days ago and it still hadn't been done and we also informed her about the ants and the new leaky faucet. She then informed us that they couldn't finish fixing the ceiling in the bathroom, because they wanted to see if it would leak again and that it had to be unfinished for three days. We wished someone would have informed us, but we just nodded in agreement. She said that she'd have maintenance come over and look at the leaky faucet and that she understood our frustrations. We asked if there was any way that they could just move us into another apartment or break our lease since there were definitely issues with the plumbing in our apartment and she said to give her three days and she'd have another apartment for us to move into. We return to our apartment and the maintenance man comes by, looks at the faucet and says that he'll replace it on Monday and he leaves.
    14. 10/30/06-My roommate and I return home from work to find that nothing has been done to our ceiling (the three days were now up), the padding STILL hasn't been replaced, the faucet hasn't been replaced, and our bathroom is flooded ONCE AGAIN, as a result of the leaky faucet. We call the office and ask to speak to the assistant manager. We tell her that the bathroom is flooded and asks her if she could send over someone to get all of the water up. She says she'll send someone right over. Well, no one ever comes.
    10/31/06--They finally replace the faucet (only because I caused a scene at the office), but our apartment reeks of this mildew smell.

    This situation is just not right nor fair. We\'re so sick and tired of them \"patching up\" things instead of fixing them. We just really need some help. PLEASE.

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