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Family conflict over NY apartment

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  • Family conflict over NY apartment

    My husband and daughter left my apt owing 5 mos back rent. Daughter forced me out by making feel unsafe inside my own home and she took control over apartment and my husband all so her to gain control over our rent-stabilized unit; but, she since learned she couldn’t get the unit into her name she just stopped paying any rent form then for last five months and moved out; she had taken out order of protections on me in her and my husband’s name to keep me out this is why I hadn’t returned to my home before this…; prior to leaving my daughter has had the landlord’s super to charge the locks on the door to keep me from getting back inside; I’m now having a hard time from landlord to get back into my apt. for she never turned back in any keys. My name is on the lease, however the landlord says he will not break the lock for me to get in. This is keeping me in a state of homeless; I’m a disable senior citizen unknowing of just what my rights in this case? Can you tell me who is responsible to help me get back into my home?

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    I wish to inform you that you may seek court order allowing you possession of premises. As you were forced out of premises thus you may seek possession based on the fact that you were staying there and were forced to move out. Court may order landlord or your daughter to provide you possession and keys of premises and in absence may order breaking of locks and providing possession to you.



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      Thanks btw--very helpful! And I did just that.


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        Hire a locksmith who can make a key without damaging the lock.


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