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  • In-Law Nightmare

    In 2001 my wife and I bought a legal 2 family mother daughter with my in-laws. All bills were split 50/50 and the deed states as such. Recently, my in-laws, who live on the first floor portion of the house, have decided to divorce. My mother-in-law stayed at the house and my father-in-law moved to an apartment. Through court dealings, my father-in-law was to give her a certain amount of his paycheck each week to pay their half of the bills. We have been stuck on a few occasions with having to pay more than our portion of the bills. My mother-in-law wants us to sell the house. Problem being that my wife and I are in the middle of an adoption and can not just sell the house at this moment. My mother-in-law, who is not on the deed, went so far as try and sell the house on her own without our consent. She was selling for way below the property value, I assume for a quick, cash deal? Most recently she has started accusing us of stealing her house and threatening us that she will call the adoption agency and put a halt to our adoption. The latest agreement that still needs court approval is that she will move out and my father-in-law, who will at least pay his portion of the bills, will move in. But court delays have slowed that progress. I started video taping her crazy rants, which include breaking things in the house and banging on her ceiling to annoy us and throwing things at our door. They also include her throwing food all over my house and threatening us with bodily harm from her son. She is moving out soon, hopefully, if the courts will ever get it together. Until then we need to pay more than our share of the bills and worry about what she will do next. Is there a way to expedite this court decision? Is there a way of evicting her so we don't have to deal with her craziness any longer? Possibly a restraining order? I have video. It is hurting my wife and my future because I believe she is trying to screw up my adoption for whatever reason. I can't live like this anymore and need advice. Thanks in advance.

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    Re: In-Law Nightmare

    You can seek an eviction yes--and can ask for an emergency order if dangerous or harmful conditions exist.


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      Re: In-Law Nightmare

      Can I evict her even though her separation says she can stay here? I am wondering then how do I go about evicting her. Does she by the fact that she was married to the other owner of this house have the rights to stay here? What rights does she have here? Thanks again for any responses.


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        Re: In-Law Nightmare

        You can evict if she is not paying as was agreed or if she is causing danger etc.--also note that if two or more owners cannot agree on what to do with a piece of property they may petition the court and the court will order a sale or refinancing etc. so that the one or more may get out of the property obligation and/or the other(s) may keep it etc.--it is often done-- (This is true in some cases even for equitable owners that have paid various amounts etc., but for various reasons, may not be on title.)


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