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    Originally posted by Unregistered View Post
    I am amazed how big it got before the law stepped in.
    The problem was this was in at least 174 countries and when you have that many jurisdictions coupled with the length of time an investigation takes, it is how this has continued to last, and why it took so long for law enforcement to take action. The US is not the only country taking action against OC and its players. Thailand has already charged one major promoter and that investigation took 2 years before they made any charges. They are looking for 7 others to charge. The US started investigating right around the end of 2015 and the sealed indictment was not handed down unto Oct 2017. China to date has charged and convicted over 157 OneCoin promoters.

    Had Ruja not disappeared in Oct 2017, I think she would have been arrested with the raid of the office by the multi-national criminal investigation team in 2018. I will not be surprised to see promoters from other countries charged and arrested in the coming months.

    2020 is going to be one very interesting year for OneCoin and OneCoin major promoters whether they got out early (sometime in 2016 or early 2017) or who are still promoting it today. Stay tuned because this saga is just warming up.

    OneCoin website down, DNS record under investigation.
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      In the you can't make this stuff up category now comes this gem of a story. Seems Per Danielsen, the Lawyer who represents OneCoin in Norway, was asked for his take on the Mark Scott case. Here is his reply, and I quote:

      "Ignatov has never stated that Onecoin is fraudulent. He has only testified against (the) US Attorney (Mark) Scott and stated that the lawyer must have carried out wire fraud, ie transferring money between states in the United States without permission. It has no connection with Onecoin.

      Ignatov is now released because he has cooperated with the prosecutor’s office in the United States. So he is not being pursued for his position with Onecoin, and will probably soon become a free man.

      REPORTER: OneCoin is fraudulent and the DOJ’s entire case against Mark Scott rested on this fact. PER DANIELSEN: You are misinformed. The US prosecutor has not stated what you are referring to. The fact that an employee of the tax authority has stated something in this direction is not evidence of what the prosecuting authority thinks. It is just an expression of what a random employee thinks. As unimportant as what a journalist might think, in fact."

      Now let's do a brief recap of Mark Scott's case: Mark Scott was found guilty for laundering 400 million euros for OneCoin founder Ruja Ignatova. The funds laundered by Scott were tied to OneCoin, and he himself was paid 50 million euros in stolen investor funds.

      Konstantin Ignatov pled guilty to four criminal counts, and testified in court, under oath, that OneCoin was a total fraud and there was no blockchain and they never had one. Konstantin appeared in court wearing official prison clothing and was escorted by police officers. Konstantin is officially listed as a prisoner by the Department of Prisons with no release date scheduled.

      What is amazing to me is that Per Danielsen said it all with a straight face while lying through his teeth. OneCoin must be paying him a bundle to tell these lies. This is the same lawyer who claimed that OneCoin had no business in Norway while having over 5,000 affiliates invested in OneCoin when he made the claim.
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        In addition to being taken offline for being under investigation, both and have also been taken offline and are under investigation. So far and are still active. The question remains for how long as the host has indicated that they are too being looked into and a decision will be made shortly as to their status. When these 2 go down, it is all over.
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          But maybe onecoin is legit? And they just could not take the gov pressure?
          I am still not clear on the facts--or so called facts.


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            Originally posted by Unregistered View Post
            But maybe onecoin is legit? And they just could not take the gov pressure?
            I am still not clear on the facts--or so called facts.
            Not according to Konstantin and he should know. He said it was a total fraud and there never was a blockchain. Everything Ruja said about OneCoin was one big lie.

            Those are the real facts. And you can bet there will be more people charged and arrested in the coming months. This is far, far, far from being over.
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              It's crazy how people keep falling for the same basic scams time after time.


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                Re: WARNING BIG SCAM ONECOIN

                King Jayms has issued a video where he tells what happened inside OneLife after K's arrest, why he thinks Ruja disappeared, she is not a fugitive criminal, the complete chaos that is the company, why websites are down, and a lot of other incredible claims:

                Before the dust settled on his bombshell remarks, Mark Nishiyama and his wife Miki posted on his FB page the reasons why he left OneLife (He and Sina Hunt both left OneLife):

                If these do not convince you that OneCoin was a total Ponzi, after Mark Scott's criminal trial being found guilty of money laundering and bank fraud, Konstantin's admission that OneCoin was a Ponzi from day one, there is no blockchain and no coins mined, then nothing will.

                If anyone thinks that Simon Le and King Jayms will be able to "save the company" there is nothing to save. This is done, put a fork in it.
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                  Re: WARNING BIG SCAM ONECOIN

                  The exodus from OneCoin/OneLife continues. Here are the latest to leave:

                  Mark Nishiyama
                  Miki Nishiyama
                  Marjan Noor
                  Deeqa Abdullahi
                  Dusan Torbica
                  Sina Hunt
                  Reuben Ferrer
                  Sooula McCormick
                  Seo Dongjin (Jin)
                  George Pantelidis
                  Damien Barnes & Eka Sunaryo
                  Kamon sirinut Tanyasup
                  Peter Hjelte
                  Petar Todoroski
                  Jesse Choi
                  Blagija Gjorgjieski
                  GLG Alto Ylitalo
                  Simranjeet Dhanoa
                  Bernie Ogilvy
                  Thanos Angelis
                  Christos Polychroniadis
                  Nikos Chrousis
                  Kostas A. Ferhati
                  GLG Alex Ferhati
                  Balafas Evangelos
                  Giannelis Petros
                  Eddy R Harbie
                  Ioannis Kazazis
                  Laufilitoga Fretton-Anae
                  Bruce & Minda Evans
                  Ismael Sosa
                  Precious Remolino
                  Eva Ferhati
                  Savvas Papadios
                  Quini Amores
                  Daniel Perez
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                    Re: WARNING BIG SCAM ONECOIN

                    After the big announcement that Simon Le and King Jayms were the new Co-Captains of OneLife, there was a flurry of expos being held across SE Asia. Their whole purpose was to promote DealShaker and get more merchants to join and accept OneCoin as part of their payment for their goods or services. Fred Fok, Simon and King Jayms were all over the place touting they had to build the OneCoin ecosystem through DealShaker before there could be an exchange. The next big push was in Latin America which was spearheaded by Julien Zerbini.

                    While there were many expos being held, the results were not as great as they expected. Despite putting all the positive spin on them as they could, the numbers weren't adding up to building the "ecosystem" of OneCoin. Then there were rumblings that things were not going well within the new management team. Finally two days ago it was announced that Simon Le had left OC. It wasn't even announced by King Jayms or Fred Fok, but by Blue Diamond Thanh Duong. Supposedly he is to continue as an IMA. Translation, I am scared to death that I am next to be arrested and am hoping by my leaving they will leave me alone.

                    Then on the heels of this announcement, the Tanzania Court joined the USA in also Ruling Onecoin a Ponzi Scheme and Money Laundering Operation. Frank Ricketts company IMS found GUILTY of money laundering and operating Ponzi Scheme via Onecoin. You can read about it here: 17bn/- pyramid scheme cash now confiscated

                    To counter all this negative news, OC announced that the price of OC has increased to 42.43€ from 29.95€; and they brought back the WonderWheel with a chance to win up to 50%, 75%, 100% or 200% tokens. It has been said that one of the reasons why Simon Le left was the increase of over 40% in the OC internal value. He felt it was too unrealistic and too big of a jump in value that it would deter merchants from signing up. None of this can be confirmed if true, but personally I think he woke up that the new push to "save OC" was failing miserably and that the US authorities were going to be coming after the new leadership team and they would be facing criminal charges like Konstantin.

                    Now the question remains how long before Fred Fok bails, even though he is not part of the management team, but is one of the major presenters to get the merchants joining OC. One of Fred's problems is that he thrives on praise and the Chinese market was giving him praise for his insight and techniques to get merchants to signup for DealShaker. It's an ego thing for him. He loves the praise and adulation which makes him feel is more important than he really is within OC. King Jayms is a totally different character. Personally I don't see him leaving but going down with the ship. Again his Ego will be his downfall, and he could be facing criminal charges for his role in OC.

                    Needless to say 2020 is going to be one interesting year for all the major players in OC and how the US Justice System is going to deal with all of them. The COVID19 situation has definitely slowed things down from the authorities taking action, I do see things ramping up once the threat has been neutralized. The last 4 months of 2020 are going to be telling as to who and how many of the OC's are charged and arrested. This is far, far, far from being over. In fact it is just beginning.

                    One good thing that has come out of the coronavirus (COVID19) is that it shut down all the expos that OC leaders were holding. They had to resort to video expos and they have bombed. They couldn't put pressure on the merchants to join like they could in a live setting, so recruiting has almost come to a standstill.
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                      Re: WARNING BIG SCAM ONECOIN

                      The mystery of OneCoin co-founder Sebastian Greenwood’s post-extradition disappearance is over. On On April 6th Greenwood’s 2018 indictment was unsealed, giving us all the details.

                      About a year and a half ago, we learned about Greenwood’s arrest in Thailand and extradition to the U.S. Thai authorities let it slip Greenwood had been extradited to the US, which I don’t think the US Authorities wanted to be made public. Since Greenwood could not be found in the Bureau of Prisons Inmate Records, the believers said: his arrest and extradition was all a lie made up by all the haters; otherwise he would be listed if he truly was arrested and in US custody. For more than a year-and-a-half his whereabouts was unknown.

                      Since the November 2018 extradition there has been no information whatsoever as to Greenwood’s status. Well, his whereabouts and status is no longer a mystery. As per the unsealed filing, Greenwood was indicted as “Karl Sebastian Greenwood” by a grand jury on February 6th, 2018. Everyone was searching for Sebastian Greenwood, not Karl Sebastian Greenwood in the US Prison System, thus why he was not found. He was there all along just hiding in plain sight. He has been confined at NY MCC Jail.

                      Greenwood’s indictment details five counts of fraud: conspiracy to commit wire fraud; wire fraud; conspiracy to commit money laundering; conspiracy to commit securities fraud; and securities fraud.

                      In the “Overt Acts” section of the indictment, two unnamed co-conspirators are referenced:

                      On or about July 1, 2015, GREENWOOD sent an email to a co-conspirator not named herein (“CC-1”), stating in part, “I thought this could go out tonight, problem is I don’t have the access to send out to the members,” and attaching a document which announced a July 4, 2015 online webinar hosted by CC-1 and others to mark the official opening of the United States market for OneCoin.

                      On or about July 4, 2015, CC-1 participated in an online webinar, later posted to, in which CC-1 announced the official opening of the United States market for OneCoin.

                      On or about August 18, 2015, in order to purchase a OneCoin package, at the direction of a second co-conspirator not named herein (“CC-2”), a victim residing in the United States wired approximately $5,548 through a correspondent bank located in New York, New York, to benefit a bank account held in the name of “oneCoin Ltd.,” opened at the direction of CC-1 at Mashreq Bank in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

                      As for who is “CC-2”, that’s wide open. We do know that CC-2 would have to be someone promoting OneCoin in the US in 2015, who was also high profile enough to be named a co-conspirator. This leaves Sal Leto; self-appointed “Operation Mgr/ Master Distributor USA,” Glenn Smith; Tom McMurrain; Denis Murdock; and a few others as possibilities. It will be interesting to see just who is CC-2, and it won't be long until we find out.

                      On April 6th Greenwood’s pretrial conference was rescheduled for June 3rd. Kontsantin had his sentencing hearing postponed until July 8 in part to the government saying he had not completed his required services pertinent to his plea deal. No doubt this is because of his testifying against Sebastian Greenwood in his trial, unless Sebastian does a plea deal.

                      Expect more indictments, arrests and trials for the remainder of 2020 and into 2021 and possibly 2022 before this saga is over. Just too many big fish left that have not been indicted or charged. Some on that potential list are: Veska Ignatov (Ruja's mother); Frank Ricketts; Frank Schneider; Irina Dilkinska; Ken Nordlund; Chris Principe; Ed Ludbrook; Kari Wahlroos; possibly some others.

                      Then it will be interesting to see if they go after the big winners: Juha Parhiala, Steinkeller Brothers, Igor Alberts & Andreea Cimbala, Aslam Brothers, Simon Le, Habib Zahid, Maurice Katz, Tom McMurrain, Denis Murdock, Jose Gordo, Muhammad Zafar, and possibly a few others.
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                        A lot has happened since my last update:

                        There have been a lot of things happening since Simon Le jumped the OC ship and sailed off to start his own crypto-coin Ponzi. The COVID-19 virus has forced the major DealShaker events to be done online instead of live events, which has been a blessing in disguise. It has prevented large number of merchants and individuals from being conned into joining. But the internal turmoil has not stopped.

                        It seems that King Jayms and Fred Fok (real name Fok Fook Seng) have had a falling out and Fred and his wife were removed as country managers for China. Now what is interesting about this move was that Fred was the one who created the sales and marketing plan that was getting merchants to join OC and continue the ruse of this being a legitimate company and OC was a real crypto-currency.

                        Now the only question is how long before Fred and his wife announce their departure from OC. Some are saying they have already left but it hasn't been announced yet. Based on information I have they have not left the company, at least not yet. I do believe they will leave, but it remains to be seen how long before they do.

                        The webinars are not doing well. The number of people watching now has fallen off dramatically, the number of new merchants signing up has fallen dramatically from the live events, and of course the same thing for the number of new people joining. As with any Ponzi cult-like mentality, you have to be face-to-face to successfully recruit people. You need the hype built up in the room to get people to join. None of this is happening with the webinars no matter how hard they try. Ponzi's need live events to be successful and keep the momentum going. Videos and webinars are just supporting tools. They can't carry the water like live events do.

                        There also seems to be internal strife between Veska, Ruja's mother, having taken over the company versus how much cash she wants to spend to try to continue making the company look like it is real. She wants the new enrollee's to cover those costs, not for her to have to spend already stolen money to keep the company afloat. So it has fallen on King Jayms to make that happen. But by removing Fred and his wife as country managers for China. Fred's big contribution was he speaks Chinese and thus was more credible to the audience than those needing translators when presenting.

                        What is even more funny is that after King Jayms made this big speech about how the new leadership would not lie to the members, King Jayms has been caught making several lies, and wasn't too happy about being called out on it. One of the lies that King Jayms got caught out on telling was when he said the blockchain was receiving an upgrade to handle the increase in the number of coins being mined, and then later said it was a whole new blockchain. He is losing his "cool" and always upbeat positive spiel of his. In short, his true colors are coming out. People are starting to realize he is nothing more than a big bag of wind and this is all smoke and mirrors.

                        When it was announced that OC would be upping the number of their coins to 250 Billion, it was not received well. It has been rumored that this is one of the reasons why Simon Le jumped ship. It goes against what Ruja said when the raised the number of coins to 120 Billion that this was the final amount that could be mined. Of course they had to up the number because Ruja had said that once OC had mined 80% of their allotted coins they would go public. This is why they said that there would not be an exchange until there were 1 million merchants in DealShaker and 10 million members when the new management team took over. Then they realized that they were approaching the 80% bench mark of their pretend coins would soon be reached, so they bumped the number to 250 Billion coins to buy themselves more time.

                        Now the Italian leaders have come up with a new MasterCard debit card for DealShaker. Not going to go into all the details of it, but will just say it too is all smoke and mirrors and not what the membership is being told it is and will do what they claim it will do. It is nothing more for a way for the Italian leaders to steal even more money to make up for the zero value of their worthless OC's.

                        Then if all of this wasn't enough, OC has announced that they are doing an auction of a yacht (read Ruja's yacht), 2 apartments in Dubai (read Ruja's Dubai apartments), BMW, laptops and smartphones. Of course they don't mention that the yacht and apartments are Ruja's. Maybe one reason is that they are possible forfeiture items to be named at a later date by the US Authorities. On the other, with all the still believer's of Ruja's dream, it could be a massive selling point as I am sure there are those who would love to own what Ruja owned. Of course they won't realize they were all bought with OC"s money, and not Ruja's money. At last notice, the tickets are not selling well. King Jayms is going overboard pushing the sale of the tickets. The big raffle is set for the Romanian event in August. Only two questions remain for this to happen: 1. Will OC fully collapse before this event, or 2. If ticket sales don't go well (there is a set number of tickets that must be bought for the raffle to take place in each category) will they postpone this raffle to another future event? My bet is on the total collapse before August.

                        Konstantin was supposed to have his sentencing hearing tomorrow (7/8), but it has been delayed 4 months. This is because Sebastian's trial has been delayed and they need Konstantin testifying at his trial. A lot of disappointed people that his sentencing is not happening tomorrow, but even if it had happened, it would have no impact on the current so-called leadership of OC continuing to steal more money from gullible OC'ers. It is all fake news as far as they are concerned. They can only focus on the "future." King Jayms is promising that OC will, and I quote: "I want to bring some information clearly across to you, to help you understand the financial opportunity that’s involved in this process for you, to help you understand how in the next 12-18 whatever money you would have made in OneLife, you are going to "TRIPLE" it."

                        Talk about living in a fantasy world. So much for his always telling the "truth" to the members BS he spouted back in January when the new management was announced that has now been reduced to just him. Fred and Simon Le are gone. One can only hope that when Sebastian's trial is over, they go after King Jayms, Simon Le, Fred Fok, and Veska Ignatov for their role in trying to continue this Ponzi. I think Irina Dilkinska is one of the 4 sealed indictments, at least I hope so.

                        Fred Fok was found guilty by a Singapore Court for his role in OneCoin and fined $71,700 US Dollars. One of the reasons why he has virtually disappeared from view promoting OC. Also why King Jayms stripped him of his leadership position prior to this news becoming public. While King Jayms keeps the lying machine going full blast, OC if falling down around his ears. Not a lot of success, enthusiasm, excitement for the upcoming auction. Ticket sales are abysmal and they are doing everything they can to try and pump them up to no avail. Hopefully the members are finally starting to see through all the BS and lies and realize OC is dead and there never, ever was any coins being mined. Time will tell.
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                          Two OneCoin promoters have been found in dead in Mazatlan, Sinaloa, Mexico. The bodies of Oscar Brito Ibarra and Ignacio Ibarra (no relation), were stuffed into suitcases and dumped in a vacant lot. An examination determined suffocation as the cause of death. Local Mexican authorities are treating the deaths as homicide and an investigation is underway.

                          in order to convince people to invest, Brito had to pitch them on OneCoin’s failed ecommerce platform, DealShaker. Brito partnered up with a small group of Chilean OneCoin affiliates, and together they promoted the scam across Argentina, Brazil and Colombia. At the end of 2019, Brito learned of the Latin American Automotive Marketing Company (CLA). CLA operated in Argentina and Colombia. The company’s business model saw it accept cryptocurrency as payment for cars.
                          Brito is believed to have traveled to Argentina to meet CLA representative Cristian Cabrera. The idea was to get CLA to accept OneCoin and promote its service on DealShaker. In February 2020, Cabrera and another CLA representative, Ignacio Ibarra, traveled to Chile to promote the scheme.

                          Brito continued to promote the CLA Dealshaker scheme with Ignacio Ibarra. On June 20th Brito and Ibarra traveled to Mazatlan, Sinaloa. The exact reason for the trip is unclear, although people Brito was in contact claim “they were sent by CLA to attract clients.” A few days later, the bodies of Brito and Ibarra were found.
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                            A little back story: Gilbert Armenta, a resident of Florida, was a key figure in OneCoin’s money laundering operations. He was also romantically linked to OneCoin’s founder, Ruja Ignatova. The story goes that Gilbert was to divorce his wife, Ruja to divorce her husband, and the two would be married. Seems Ruja didn’t buy Armenta was going to divorce his wife, so she had his apartment in Florida bugged. It was then she found out he was cooperating with the FBI and soon after she disappeared.

                            Now to Gilbert Armenta and his arrest, cooperation with the Feds and violating his plea agreement with the Feds: On September 12th, 2017, Armenta was indicted by a Grand Jury on three counts of extortion; conspiracy to commit extortion, attempted extortion and travel act extortion. Armenta was arrested in Connecticut the following day on September 13th. At his hearing held in New York on September 18th, Armenta’s bail was set at $5 million dollars. Armenta was ordered to stay in Manhattan with a 6pm curfew and GPS monitoring. His passport and those belonging to his adult children were also surrendered.

                            Armenta’s initial plea to the criminal charges against him was not guilty. On January 24th 2018, the DOJ filed a superseding indictment adding additional criminal charges. Armenta now faced five counts: conspiracy to commit wire fraud; conspiracy to commit money laundering (three counts); and conspiracy to commit extortion. As alleged by the DOJ: Gilbert Armenta assisted in the execution of the OneCoin scheme by: (a) coordinating the opening of OneCoin Ltd. depository bank accounts … at banks located in Mexico and South America; (b) establishing and administering OneCoin “pool accounts” at various international banks; (c) introducing one or more principals of the OneCoin scheme to an online reputation company for the purpose of removing from the internet negative information about OneCoin Ltd.; (d) transmitting OneCoin Ltd. fund to pay recruitment commissions to OneCoin members who recruited new OneCoin members, as well as to pay refunds to dissatisfied OneCoin members; and (e) transmitting OneCoin Scheme proceeds through bank accounts located in the United States and abroad, and making various misrepresentations to banks regarding the source of the funds, for the purpose of laundering the OneCoin scheme proceeds.

                            With respect to extortion, the DOJ alleged Armenta agreed with others to use threats of physical harm to attempt to collect payment through international wire transfer from an individual in the United Kingdom who they believed had stolen business proceeds originally intended for international wire transfer. The individual in question is not named.

                            The same day the superseding indictment was filed, Armenta pled guilty to all five counts. We know through testimony that Armenta opted to cooperate with the FBI following his arrest in September 2017. Nothing was filed in Armenta’s case from March 27th, 2018 until April 2020. It was assumed by all of us that he was cooperating with the authorities for a reduced sentence. On April 29th 2020, the DOJ requested Armenta’s case be unsealed. It is believed this signaled the end of his cooperation with US authorities.

                            On May 29th Armenta’s sentencing was scheduled for July 23rd. Citing COVID-19 and claiming he was suffering from “uncertainty and stress”, on July 7th Armenta requested his sentencing hearing be conducted via video conference. The uncertainty and stress that Mr. Armenta and his family have been living with has been agonizing. Mr. Armenta has been in home detention for over three months, following eight months in detention at the Metropolitan Correctional Center (the “MCC”). Further delaying his sentencing, possibly indefinitely depending on the pandemic’s progression, only exacerbates the anxiety and torment that Mr. Armenta is experiencing.

                            The DOJ responded in opposition to Armenta’s motion the same day. The DOJ revealed that with respect to violating his cooperation agreement, Armenta had used his companies to engage in additional criminal activity while subject to the terms of a cooperation agreement with the Government. In their argument against a video conference hearing (which increased the probability of the scheduled date being kept), the DOJ argued there are no specific reasons that sentencing in this case cannot be further delayed without serious harm to the interests of justice. The complexity of the case in support of an in-person hearing was also brought up. On July 8th the court denied Armenta’s video conference request. The Court said, “defendant provides no specific reasons to find that further delay would cause serious harm to the interest of justice,” therefore the application is denied.

                            The DOJ letter to the court revealed that in July 2019 Armenta was remanded back into custody. The DOJ alleges Armenta violated his cooperation agreement. In December 2019 the DOJ informed Armenta they would not be providing him with a Section 5K1.1 letter. A Section 5K1.1 letter states to the court that because the defendant has provided substantial assistance in the investigation or prosecution of another person who has committed an offense, the court may depart from (sentencing) guidelines. Because of his own actions Armenta’s cooperation with US authorities, as far as his own self-interests went, was for naught.

                            So what did Gilbert Armenta do that violated his cooperation agreement with the Feds? Because of the bail conditions imposed on Mr. Armenta when he was released from the MCC, he can “have no involvement in running or managing any business entity, or involvement in any financial transaction associated with any business entity.” Well, it seems that Gilbert in July 2019 founded “ESOL B.V LLC” company in Florida with his long-time partner Giselle Valentin. He owned a company in Netherlands with the same name ( that in late 2015 he used to acquire Georgian JSC Capital bank for Ruja. But due to the large extent OneCoin related criminality, it is likely this is why the bank lost its license and went bust.

                            So he started a new business which his co-operation agreement barred him from participating in or have any involvement with in violation of his agreement. Just like Mark Scott, these people don’t believe the law applies to them. Guess he liked being in jail and is looking forward to a long, long, long prison sentence.

                            And just think: He was one of the brilliant masterminds with the genius Ruja Ignatova running OneCoin, but it wasn’t a Ponzi (cough, cough). And people bought the lie they were all brilliant and geniuses running OC. Instead it was just your typical criminal mind at work.

                            Armenta’s is currently scheduled for in-person sentencing on October 21st, 2020.
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                              Coming significant OneCoin USA Federal Court Dates:
                              Sebastian Greenwood pre-trial #2: October 5, 2020, at 11am
                              David Pike guilty plea hearing: October 8, 2020, at 11am
                              Mark Scott sentencing: October 9, 2020, at 11am
                              Gilbert Armenta sentencing: October 21, 2020, at 10am
                              Konstantin Ignatov sentencing control: November 11, 2020, at 3:30pm
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