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Joshua Perry Health Investment - Legitimate investment or scam? Xsite health schemes shut down! Fraud?

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  • Joshua Perry Health Investment - Legitimate investment or scam? Xsite health schemes shut down! Fraud?

    This Joshua Perry guy below has taken a bunch of money from several people and basically disappeared with the funds. Seems like a scam or fraud to us.

    And it is apparently not the first time.

    Be very cautious! There are already lawsuits again him but there should be more!

    Joshua David Perry

    xsite health global holding

    xsite health ltd

    xsite health texas

    These were some of the corporate names he was using.

    Another guy named Casper Larson was involved with him.

    Apparently this Joshua Perry has now move to the UAE (United Arab Emirates) and is trying to do the same thing again there.


    He used to live in a walk up rental in San Francisco that we tracked down (but suddenly moved):

    143 Fillmore St, San Francisco, California, 94117, United States

    Then he grabbed a bunch of folks money in Ireland but apparently fled that too. Irish authorities are aware.

    Some people in the USA have sued him and/or reported his activities to the United States Internal Revenue Service.
    As they should!

    He also used to have this apparently little sham corp but it was shut down by the state of Texas:


    Company Number201825510205 Status Secretary Of State (Sos) Suspended/Forfeited

    Incorporation Date5 September 2018 (about 3 years ago)Company Type FOREIGN Jurisdiction California (US)Branch Branch of Xsite Health LLC (Texas (US))

    FYI--He claimed he graduated from business school in Denmark (even though he is a US citizen apparently) but we have been unable to verify that with the school. Somebody should check that whole story.

    I hope he doesn't take anybody else's money!!

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    The world is full of these scams, you have to be careful and do your research.


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      When he was sending me investment instructions, they were supposed to be going to an Irish company that was conducting many different projects, but it turns out it was actually his personal account that he was asking that we send money to even though he made that not clear by adding some parentheses after but it was his personal account. I thought that was very weird and now I see why.


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        So i ran across this guy in dubai and, at first, seemed quite smart. However, after 1-2 interactions...I could tell something maybe was off and I should have my guard up. Curious if you all have had any interactions with him since the last post (~8 months ago).


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          Yeah, there are a lot of people chasing him in the United states, and in Ireland. And he has litigation and IRS issues and various accusations, and a bunch of things all going on. I would be very cautious before doing anything that you need to put money into. Frankly I would avoid !



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            I came across him in The UAE. Promised the world but when I did my research there were some major red flags. Can turn nasty quickly if you don’t go along with his wishes. Do your research found law suits pending online and a mountain of bad businesses that haven’t turned a profit or closed. Talks a lot of talk but it’s not backed by anything. Steer clear. Do not invest your money or time. If he’s offering you a partnership with him ask to see accounts.


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