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Bougainville Kina (BVK) Currency Real/Fake?

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    Re: Bougainville Kina (BVK) Currency Real/Fake?

    Which part of the link you posted didn't you understand? It's copied from the Reuters link:

    "Last week, the U.S. Supreme Court agreed to consider in its current term the reach of that statute, in a lawsuit accusing Royal Dutch Shell Plc of helping Nigeria violently suppress protests in the 1990s.

    A federal appeals court in New York had ruled that Shell was not liable under the statute. It is unclear how the pendency of that case will affect the Rio Tinto proceedings.

    Steve Berman, a lawyer for the Rio Tinto plaintiffs, said: "My clients believe Rio has been covering up its complicity in war crimes and genocide. We're pleased to be able to return to the district court and begin proving our case.""

    Your English seems good to me.

    Why can't you understand that " . . . revives an 11-year-old lawsuit," means that it's revived in the 9th Circuit Court. Nothing to do with the US Supreme Court, which was considering a DIFFERENT CASE.

    Why can't you understand what " . . . return to the district court and begin proving our case" means? That's what Steve Berman said.

    The Supreme Court agreed to consider what can be done under the Alien Tort Statute.

    If you think that's the same as bringing Rio Tinto into the dock at the Supreme Court, then you're not reading very carefully.

    Here's another quote from one of your links:

    "The Supreme Court indicated Monday that it may scale back an 18th-century federal law that permits foreigners to sue in U.S. courts over violations of international law.

    Last week, the justices heard arguments over whether the Alien Tort Statute, passed by Congress in 1789, allows suits against corporations. The case involves Nigerian citizens who allege human-rights violations in Nigeria by the Anglo-Dutch oil company Royal Dutch Shell PLC. Shell denies the allegations."

    Again, the actual case at issue has to do with Royal Dutch Shell, not Rio Tinto.

    Go back and read what Steve Berman said.

    Look -- the ONLY thing that US Supreme Court is doing is deciding whether the Alien Tort Act can apply in certain cases.

    Let's say that they decide that a non-US resident CAN sue a foreign corporation for damages under that act. In that case, the Hagens-Berman case can in theory proceed up out of the 9th Circuit court. That's what Steve Berman meant by "return to the district court and begin proving our case."

    Please note the word "begin." It's important. After the case "begins" and proceeds, it might reach the US Supreme Court, and it might not. But it's not there now. It's in the 9th Circuit Court, as I said the other day. If you think it's not, then you're absolutely wrong.

    Let's say that they decide that a US resident CANNOT sue a foreign corporation for damages under that act. In that case, the Hagens-Berman case is dead.

    How hard is that to understand? It seems as though it's too hard for you to understand.

    This information is right there in the links you provided.

    It's absolutely impossible to conclude from anything available in the US court system (all levels) that the Hagens-Berman Rio Tinto suit is before the US Supreme Court.

    What's happening in the link to 11-649 in the US Supreme Court is NOT the actual lawsuit against Rio Tinto. That's not what's being tried.

    And note particularly that the US Supreme Court is Rio Tinto AGAINST Alexis Holyweek Sarei, et al. (The "v." stands for "versus.")

    In other words -- there's nothing complicated here, just simple English comprehension should be enough -- the case we're all interested in is Alexis Holyweek Sarei versus Rio Tinto, NOT Rio Tinto versus Alexis Holyweek Sarei.

    What's keeping you from understanding that the case that the Supreme Court agreed to consider is meant to PREVENT the Hagens-Berman case from continuing?

    It's easy to understand, if you read carefully. It's very plain. Rio Tinto is trying to keep the case from proceeding in the court system, particularly in the 9th Circuit Court. They want it to "go away," as the saying goes.


    No. 11-649
    Title: Rio Tinto PLC, et al., Petitioners v. Alexis Holyweek Sarei, et al. Docketed:November 28, 2011 Lower Ct:United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit Case Nos. (02-56256, 02-56390) Decision Date:October 25, 2011

    In this case, the Supreme Court docket shows that Rio Tinto are the "petitioners," which means that THEY brought the action, and the reason THEY brought the action is that they are hoping (just as Royal Dutch Shell is hoping) that the Supreme Court will say that the Alien Tort Act doesn't apply.

    Your Reuters links are basically the same thing: the company being sued is trying to get out of it.

    This is precisely what the Wall Street Journal article says.

    That has NOTHING TO DO with the contents and merit of the lawsuit against the company.

    That's a separate case. That's the case that was in the 9th Circuit.

    Primary school reading comprehension, kids, primary school.

    You know what's side-splittingly funny about this? You know what makes you look ridiculous?

    That it never registered with you that I helped START this case, that I conferred with Steve Berman about how to proceed, that I supported the case (even though I didn't think it was likely to succeed in the US Court system, which is not the same thing as being on Rio Tinto's side), and that I've watched the case unfold with interest and support, even though I no longer take an active role in it.

    So I'm shaking my head. You're trying to insult me for something that I actually helped bring about, and still support.

    Very strange, and I can only suppose it's to draw attention away from my other assertions about u-Vistract, Noah Musingku, IBOM, and the BVK.

    You haven't countered any of that except with your silly ring of interlocking scam sites.

    Also, jimw700, you're going to have a hard time backing up that 3% figure for voting.

    But more important, what do you mean by "claim victory?" The ABG is the government and the only "victory" would be the "victories" of the candidates standing for office.

    I'm not going to bother showing that you're wrong, but anybody who wants to can get the figures online, either from the New Dawn site, or elsewhere. It's a matter of public record.

    How about going back to the BVK issue, to help out interested readers?


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      Re: Bougainville Kina (BVK) Currency Real/Fake?

      Symantics about how the SPREME COURT permits the case under Alien Tort Act and its real reason for complaint can not disguise the ethical gross mis-conduct of RIO TINTO and its defenders, like Haole here--
      Its Mass Murder and Genocide.



      READERS??" see the Wall Street Journal Report:
      “ Separately, Rio Tinto has an appeal pending at the Supreme Court, arguing that the statute doesn't cover its actions in Papua New Guinea.
      There, residents allege the company helped suppress a rebellion against its copper-mining operations, resulting in thousands of deaths.
      In that case, the Ninth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, in San Francisco, ruled that certain universally recognized international-law violations??"alleged genocide and war crimes, in the Rio Tinto case??"were covered by the Alien Tort Statute, while dismissing other allegations, such as racial discrimination. “

      HERE is the REUTERS REPORT returning the Case to the SUPREME COURT:



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        Re: Bougainville Kina (BVK) Currency Real/Fake?

        Why don't we just trust our readers to -- you know -- be able to read?

        You keep posting links that show the opposite of what you say they do. All anybody has to do is read and understand them.

        Continually linking to sites that don't say what you think they say is usually the mark of a person with serious mental health issues.

        What is it that people say? Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again but expecting different results?

        Look in the mirror.

        Maybe you're a non-English speaker, and maybe not. I don't know.

        If you are an English speaker, then consider seeking help with your reading comprehension.

        If you're not, then you're excused. I'm not fluent in your language either -- but at least I know that.

        This is tiresome.

        Let me know when you want to post something about Noah's scams, so that the people who want to learn about them can get information.

        Most likely anybody who's read this far fully understands that BVK, IBOM and all the others are completely fraudulent, and is maybe just continuing to read in order to see you making a fool of yourself.

        Actually, maybe you're Noah himself. I have a Bougainvillean friend who looked at this thread and suggested that Intl Law might Noah. Could be. Noah doesn't make a lot of sense either.


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          Re: Bougainville Kina (BVK) Currency Real/Fake?


          Intl Law sounds just like Noah Musingku, a delusional mad man who is a curse upon the people of Siwai in Bougainville and holding back progress following the long civil was on the island. Noah writes just like this and does not make sense but is a very persistent con man who spews out a constant stream of nonsense.

          Thanks Haole for helping to warn people about this scam. Noah is a liar and a thief.

          A few tests to prove that there is no BVK.

          1. Go to the website of any major international bank and check their exchange rates. You will not find the fictional BVK in their lists of currencies. In fact some years ago Noah Musingku and U-Vistract et al were placed on international blacklist used by banks to warn one another about scams and con men.

          2. If IBOM were a real bank they would offer loans and not just take deposits. Lending is the mainstay of banking. Ask IBOM for a loan, they will not lend you a cent as this is a scam. Where is the information on their loan products?

          Noah was banned from operating investment schemes in Australia by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) in 1999. The ASIC Media Release can be seen here:

          A transcript of an ABC TV Foreign Correspondent program on Francis Ona and Noah Musingku can be seen at Foreign Correspondent - 17/05/2005: Bougainville - The Man Who Would Be King

          If you "invest" in BVK or send any money to IBOM, U-Vistract or any other Musingku scam you will never see your money again. The only reason he is alive is that the people of Bougainville have a very strong desire for peace. He tries to piggy back on the back of the independence movement however even Francis Ona kicked Musingku out of Panguna. He conned Ona as well.



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            Re: Bougainville Kina (BVK) Currency Real/Fake?

            I would like to know what respectable international bank will exchange BVK for any other internationally recognized currency currently registered for trade in FOREX. This would clear all questions about it being real or fake for legitimate international business. I do believe that BVK can be used as a form of currency for Bougainville's internal transactions. However I have yet not found any other banking system that is willing to do any monetary transaction with the Bougainville Kina. Please advice. I have found a group in the American continent that claims to be able to do so but without any considerable positive results. I will refrain from mentioning those institutions names because I think that they have the best intentions but not the means to do so. Again. I must insist for a name and contact info of a banking institution that is recognized by the world bank organization that will exchange or do transactions with BVK.Once a simple answer is given we can all continue to research it. For now, I must be very spectacle about such currency being accepted outside of Bougainville nation's boundaries. My intention with this is not to point fingers for those who truly believe that BVK is a currency because it is in a small circle. I would just like to know if an internationally recognized banking system has now accepted BVK as a legitimate transaction note. Look at what has happened to the BitCoin! It is a digital currency and has been accepted cautiously by some commercial institutions. I appreciate your time for reading and replying to this post.


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              Re: Bougainville Kina (BVK) Currency Real/Fake?

              It's not even accepted on Bougainville, except perhaps within the very small region of Siwai where Noah Musingku and his adherents live.

              And, although I think it would be good news if Bougainville were a "nation" at some point, they most certainly are not a nation now.


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                Re: Bougainville Kina (BVK) Currency Real/Fake?

                I was hoping that Intl law could help with my previous dilemma due to the fact that Intl law claims BVK is legal tender world wide. I just need the name of an institution outside of IBOM, ICC, CHIPS-CORNER, INCREDIBLE CONCEPTS, FIDES GESTION FINANCIERA, ZCASH, BUSINESS CANNONS amongst others, that are outside of that small circle (I have determined that they are all the same group). Would a JP Morgan Chase branch anywhere in the world accept it? Apparently they accepted a couple of thousand to settle a debt dispute years ago in the U.S. when it reached the Supreme Court but that doesn't make it a general rule for acceptance. Well, they haven't ever since. It was a single case study but not a re-occurrence. How about the Nelson Law Firm? Does anybody know anything about them? They claim to be able to do something with BVK. They also claim to be able to form PPP (Private Placement Platforms). If so, are there any testimonials of success for that matter? If I buy BVK, would I have to work harder to convert it into another currency than what I would have to do to acquire my already hard earned Euros and Dollars? What has been the latest in the BVK development as an officially world wide recognized currency? Don't the mines in Bougainville have to be fully operational to back its gold backed currency? You have to have some kind of production in place and not just count on an survey suggesting that the mines have a certain amount of minerals. If they are unmined they are worthless unless brought to light. I am trying to make sense of this and it gets even more and more uncredible.


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                  Re: Bougainville Kina (BVK) Currency Real/Fake?

                  If anybody's still reading this thread -- yesterday, the US Supreme Court held that the Alien Torts Act cannot be used to sue foreign-based corporations for their conduct outside the US. They dismissed the Royal Dutch Shell case and there's not much doubt that this decision will kill the Rio Tinto case.

                  The court seems to have split along conservative-liberal lines, not surprisingly. I think it's a bad decision, but my opinion counts for nothing.

                  Here's a link:

                  Justices Limit Law's Reach for Acts Overseas -

                  There are many stories online today. Any search engine will lead interested readers to news articles and analysis.

                  OnlyTruthBeTold, you say you're trying to "make sense of this," but I don't see why you're wasting even a second of your time. You've already learned that the "institutions" dealing with BVK are all the same group -- what else do you need to know? And if you've read this thread, you already know that Noah and his followers are very fond of tossing out references to the US Supreme Court, and they are always irrelevant references or just plain wrong.


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                    Re: Bougainville Kina (BVK) Currency Real/Fake?

                    I have seen BVK activity in Korea promoted by Fides Gestión Financiera lead by it's president Javier Reyna, which signature is found on FIDES GOLD BOND certificates. I found the *.pdf documents here: What is going on with that?

                    The Governor of the Bank of PNG Loi Bakani has reminded the international community with a clear statement that BVK is illegal tender and to do any kind of transaction with BVK is illegal as well! Will Fides Gestion Financiera "FIDES GOLD BOND", Business Cannons, Incredible Investments, Chips-Corner, ICC, Millenium ES Corp ("MCORP") and others going to be treated as criminals for participating and promoting such transactions with BVK? Will they be brought to justice? Or is this just a charlatan making false accusations? What will happen next?

                    Article posted April 18th , 2013 found here: Bougainville Kina Illegal - EM TV
                    "Bougainville Kina Illegal"

                    "Governor of the Bank of PNG Loi Bakani has advised the public not to accept or conduct any transactions using a currency called “Bougainville Kina”. It is illegal.

                    In a public notice today, Mr. Bakani said the currency “Bougainville Kina” was introduced by a Noah Musingku, through the dealings of U-Vistract and is not recognised by the Bank of PNG.
                    Under Section 59 of the Central Bank Act 2000, the Bank of PNG is the only authorized institution mandated to issue PNG currency Notes and Coins in the country.
                    Bougainville Kina cannot be used as it is not legal tender in Papua New Guinea."

                    A large transaction to purchase "MEXICANA DE AVIACION" in Mexico, lead by FIDES GESTION FINANCIERA and it's Vice-President Francisco Campuzano seems to be treated as a joke by the Mexican Federal Government official Judge Edith Alarcon. It seems that FIDES GESTION FINANCIERA's participation in this bidding process may have caused the bidding process to fail and force the airline into bankruptcy, ultimately suffocating all possibilities by other current bidders to rescue Mexicana de Aviacion. Article found here in Spanish:

                    "Nueva oferta por Mexicana de Aviación está en kinas, una moneda no reconocida"

                    Ciudad de México.- El cheque que Fides Gestión Financiera mostró al Juez Felipe Consuelo para comprar las acciones de Nuevo Grupo Aeronáutico está en kinas, la moneda de la Isla Bougainville, una región autónoma de Papúa Nueva Guinea, admitió Francisco Campuzano, representante del consorcio.Los recursos mostrados al juez en una reunión privada equivalen a 250 millones de dólares.Sitios web, como el de The European Shareholders of Bougainville Copper o Scam Survivors acusan de fraudulento al International Bank of Meekamui (IBOM), institución en la que Fides tiene depositados sus recursos por más de 15 años."Efectivamente hay muchos comentarios sobre la isla, porque la isla fue invadida por los ingleses, invadida por los franceses, y hasta hace poco empezó a tener la oportunidad de liberarse gracias a mucha gente como nosotros que apoyó a que eso sucediera", respondió Campuzano.El atractivo de Bougainville, sostuvo, es que tiene grandes reservas de oro que la hacen confiable.Aseguró que la kina será a partir del 16 de julio reconocida internacionalmente.Fides presentó una carta de intención para adquirir 37 aviones Airbus junto con una respuesta positiva por parte del proveedor.

                    It seems that BVK has caused more harm than good to many people out in the business world.


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                      Re: Bougainville Kina (BVK) Currency Real/Fake?

                      PLEASE click on this link to find a copy of the FIDES GOLD BOND promoted and issued by FIDES GESTION FINANCIERA The President of this institution from Mexico,currently residing in USA, is Javier Reyna Lara. This individual may have been or is still currently employed by Halliburton as an Engineer. Who is he and how he came across the BVK and be the lead promoter of BVK in the world is something that should be shared. If you know any of this information please share it with all of us. THANK YOU.


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                        Re: Bougainville Kina (BVK) Currency Real/Fake?

                        Sounds like Rio-Tinto will found the mines viable and could start production soon. Rio-Tinto, NOT BOUGAINVILLE'S KING! The BVK will not be legal currency if it can not fulfill it's promise to be backed by gold if there is no gold owned by the King of Bougainville to support it. Unless the promoters of the BVK own the mineral rights of the gold mine, BVK will be worthless. Read the following press information. Rio Tinto | Papua New Guinea Mine Watch


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                          Re: Bougainville Kina (BVK) Currency Real/Fake?

                          There is no "King of Bougainville," and there never has been.

                          Bougainville has never been a monarchy.

                          The only "King" is a self-crowned, deluded conman.

                          Hey . . . in my neighborhood there's a guy who says he's Jesus Christ. That's what he claims. It doesn't make it true.


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                            Re: Bougainville Kina (BVK) Currency Real/Fake?

                            Originally posted by Northeagle View Post
                            I have met several people that have invested in a currency exchange involving BVK to US Dollars. After doing a bit of Google research I cannot fully determine whether this is an elaborate scam or something new that may have a bit of validity. I am not planning on investing in this but I am curious if anyone else has information concerning any of the following:

                            Bougainville Kina (BVK)
                            International Bank of Meekamui (IBOM)
                            Central Bank of Bougainville (CBOB)
                            Internet Catalog Club (ICC)

                            It appears that there are posted forums and articles about the BVK and the organizations above. However, these forums and articles appear contrived to make a point.

                            Please post any comments or information you have. I cannot answer questions due to my lack of knowledge.
                            :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: ::::::::::::::::::::::::::

                            I can only say one thing the BVK is Real, and the king. If you can see behind the scenes know what they are told to lie about Bougainville Island. Rio Tinto is the biggest criminals in the world because he has years exploited the people and damaged the environment. We are a large organization and know a lot about the island and residents. And the best we work with the BVK already :-) or cool ? And people will make all bad already see the benefits to you. So let the stupid drivel that it have no idea, because if you would know everything, then you would talk differently. The program that we have is 100% real though but are also a lot of German in the program, we learn a lot. I can only say who wants to learn and wants to enjoy success with IBOM right place, because this is the future for people who want to get rid of your debt and Hypotehken and want to start a new life. I wish you much fun and rips your head.

                            Greetings Eldorado


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                              Re: Bougainville Kina (BVK) Currency Real/Fake?

                              Bougainville Kina (BVK) Congratulations :-)
                              International Bank of Meekamui (IBOM) Congratulations :-)
                              Central Bank of Bougainville (CBOB) Congratulations :-)
                              Internet Catalog Club (ICC) The Best Club ICC :-)

                              1000 % Bougainville Kina


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                                Re: Bougainville Kina (BVK) Currency Real/Fake?

                                Originally posted by haole View Post
                                There is no "King of Bougainville," and there never has been.

                                Bougainville has never been a monarchy.

                                The only "King" is a self-crowned, deluded conman.

                                Hey . . . in my neighborhood there's a guy who says he's Jesus Christ. That's what he claims. It doesn't make it true.
                                History has taught us that every new self proclaimed King, may it have been in Europe, Asia or Africa, has been a bit out of the ordinary yet needs to be accepted as such by his chosen kingdom. Such acquired by looting, war, spoils of war, diplomacy or just surrendered to him by his followers. If his landowner, merchant and/or farming community followers believe him to be King, then he is King to them and as such has created a monarch system in Bougainville. It's as simple as that. It really does not have to be recognized by outsiders to become official. This is not an argument in his defense, just history being the teacher.


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