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Bougainville Kina (BVK) Currency Real/Fake?

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  • Bougainville Kina (BVK) Currency Real/Fake?

    I have met several people that have invested in a currency exchange involving BVK to US Dollars. After doing a bit of Google research I cannot fully determine whether this is an elaborate scam or something new that may have a bit of validity. I am not planning on investing in this but I am curious if anyone else has information concerning any of the following:

    Bougainville Kina (BVK)
    International Bank of Meekamui (IBOM)
    Central Bank of Bougainville (CBOB)
    Internet Catalog Club (ICC)

    It appears that there are posted forums and articles about the BVK and the organizations above. However, these forums and articles appear contrived to make a point.

    Please post any comments or information you have. I cannot answer questions due to my lack of knowledge.

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    Re: Bougainville Kina (BVK) Currency Real/Fake?

    I wish to inform you that if you consider that you have been scammed then a complaint can be made with IC3. You can verify details of transaction by checking currency exchange details. In this you can contact commercial counselor of US Embassy in Papa New Guniea and can request for details of currency exchange present in Bougainville. You can then contact currency exchange and verify details of broker through whom you have invested. If you are unable to track details of broker then you have been scammed. In currency exchange transactions of buy and sell of currency is done through bidding done by brokers.



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      Re: Bougainville Kina (BVK) Currency Real/Fake?

      Absolutely a scam. I know Bougainville well.

      Complete your Google search by searching for "Noah Musingku," and you'll turn up information about the man himself.

      Seriously. Musingku is taking advantage of a very complex and difficult political situation on Bougainville. The Autonomous Bougainville Government is unwilling to send police or other armed forces against Musingku, even though he is, indeed, a wanted man.

      The "Kingdom" he claims has no legitimacy whatsoever. There has never been any kind of kingdom on Bougainville, pre-colonial times, colonial times, or after PNG's independence, or during the Crisis, or after it. It's a complete fabrication.

      The capital, Tonu? I was at Tonu many times before the Bougainville Crisis. Tonu was and is a cluster of huts -- not that there's anything wrong with that kind of settlement. I lived in clusters of huts when I lived on Bougainville, in the region called Nagovis, which is not all that far from Tonu.

      But as the "capital?" No. Musingku has some sat comm equipment, and his own militia armed with automatic weapons.

      Central Bank of Bougainville? No such thing, except in Musingku's lies.

      You might fire up Google Earth and search for Tonu. Unfortunately, it sits just to the E of a section of hi-res imagery. But if you inspect the hi-res sections, you can get an idea of what that part of Bougainville is like. Rainforest with small scattered settlements.

      Bottom line, go back to Google. I have no way to prove to you that I know what I'm talking about, but I don't think you searched very carefully.

      I'm in almost-daily communication with a variety of Bougainvilleans -- some on Bougainville, some elsewhere. Every one of them knows that Musingku is a con man.


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        Re: Bougainville Kina (BVK) Currency Real/Fake?

        Thanks for the responses. I would appreciate more information from anyone that has it. I do believe there is some sort of con/scam that is being perpetrated not only by Musingku but also by others in the United States that are taking advantage of the situation.

        If anyone has been scammed by so called Brokers/Intermediaries/Representatives regarding the BVK, I am working with one of the people I know, that has been scammed, to take cetain legal actions in Ohio, this might be something that can be identified to the FBI or other federal agencies with sufficient input.

        I recently spoke to somone from Canada that has also been scammed for $150,000.


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          Originally posted by Northeagle View Post
          Thanks for the responses. I would appreciate more information from anyone that has it. I do believe there is some sort of con/scam that is being perpetrated not only by Musingku but also by others in the United States that are taking advantage of the situation.

          If anyone has been scammed by so called Brokers/Intermediaries/Representatives regarding the BVK, I am working with one of the people I know, that has been scammed, to take cetain legal actions in Ohio, this might be something that can be identified to the FBI or other federal agencies with sufficient input.

          I recently spoke to somone from Canada that has also been scammed for $150,000.
          The Nation of Bougainville Island achieved independence in 1998 after a 10 year War of independence from PNG. RIO TINTO and its sub BCL supported and aided the PNG Invasion.
          Rio Tinto stands before the US Supreme Court for War Crimes and Genocide fully filed by berman hagens.
          The Nation, like every other, is chartered under the Treaty of Westphalia and Vienna Convention.
          It's jurisprudence and cultural practices Re based in its traditions, like other nations. As a Nation, Bougainville defends itself and people, makes and administers it laws. It registers and charters its currency -- the BVK.
          The currency is legitimate and registered as paper and coin in the Nation and for electronic banking internationally. It is fully backed by the Mineral Reserves of Bougainville according to SDR regulations if the IMF. It is similar to the US Dollar of 1950-1960.
          1 BVK= 0.3585 grains of Gold
          It can be exchanged only in Nation and is transferable internationally by electronic means. The currency can not be reclaimed for gold internationally bit only locally.
          It is designed to support fiat currencies internationally, by providing a gold backed underlay to such fiats and hereby stabilize them.
          The Nation , it's People, its Sovereignty and its gold backed currency BVK are legitimate, decent and reliable.


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            Re: Bougainville Kina (BVK) Currency Real/Fake?

            The BVK and IBOM are very real and the never ending assault from RIO TINTO and the European Shareholders of Bougainville Copper have continued to hurt the poor people of Bougainville. Rio Tinto will have their day in court soon and war crimes are very serious! instead of their greedy attack on the King and the rightful owners of the inground assets of the island they should be helping the island they pillaged for so long . The BVK will be on the world stage soon and the people of Bougainville will have their independence and sovereignty they have fought so hard and spilled so much blood for!


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              Re: Bougainville Kina (BVK) Currency Real/Fake?

              Regardless of thw jimw700 and Intl Law may say, it's a scam. A few moments with Google will verify this.

              Intl Law's posting is crammed with misinformation. Bougainville did not become independent in 1998 and it's not independent today. This is easily checked by anybody. The Rio Tinto lawsuit is not in the US Supreme Court. Again, Google helps here. There is a lawsuit, but it's filed under the "Alien Tort Claims" act. I personally directed Hagens-Berman to one of the plaintiffs, although I have no other role in the lawsuit.

              It's beyond ridiculous to claim that the BLK is Bougainville's currency. The current in use is the Papua New Guinea Kina, and again this is quite easily verified.

              There's no question that Rio Tinto/BCL behaved badly, and there's no question that Papua New Guinea behaved badly. Very badly.

              But that bad behavior, and the war, don't make Noah's absolute scam legitimate.

              Don't go anywhere near it.

              Here's one thing anybody can try. There's a new forum for Bougainvilleans and friends of Bougainville, called BougainvilleConnect. It can be found at:


              Anybody who's reading this should sign up as a member, and post a question. The new forum is allied with a closed Yahoo group of 400 Bougainvilleans (and others) of all political persuasions.

              I'll repeat that I'm in email contact with Bougainvilleans on Bougainville and elsewhere every day, and although anybody can claim anything on the internet, I'm going to go ahead and say that I also have been personally acquainted with every President of the Autonomous Region of Bougainville and speak the native language of two of them (the late Joseph Kabui, and James Tanis). I have known John Momis since the early 1970s. I have BRA and BRF friends. I have attended reconciliation ceremonies as an honored guest. I passed through the "no-go" zone at Panguna in 2001, without incident even though I am white.


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                Re: Bougainville Kina (BVK) Currency Real/Fake?

                Readers ! Alert!

                Harole, here, makes 3 main claims:
                1. RIO TINTO is CERTAINLY NOT standing before the Supreme Court of the USA for War Crimes and Genocide.
                2. The Bougainville currency, BVK, is not legitimate.
                3. Bougainville is CERTAINLY NOT independent.

                Harole found a plaintiff in the case, he met revolutionary leaders, and heard of the now defunct Autonomous Party, so he holds opinions. So, let’s see—sloppy personal opinions, slanders, and google gossip have little relevance on the matters of international law and sovereign practice of over 350 years.

                RIO TINTO is CERTAINLY NOT before the Supreme Court of the USA ???
                Readers--- check the facts:
                Will it be Harole’s opinions or ABC News:

                Wrong, Harole, wrong.
                So, Readers, if Harole is wrong on this, perhaps his opinions are irrevevant and wrong on other matters.

                The BVK is not legitimate…???
                Readers … check the Central Bank Monetary Authority:

                Wrong again, Harole.

                Bougainville is not Independent….???

                Slander and gossip pales against the valor of freedom won by a War of Independence. Doubters of the French and American Revolutions found the shame that you, Harole, also, do so deserve.

                The Treaty of Westphalia, 1648, established the basis for Nation States, creating Nations in Europe and the Cantons of Switzerland. The Treaty founded the law and practice upon which the mentioned American and French Revolutions declared their Independence. It has held for many others since, Bolivia, Italy, etc, and others recently in Eastern Europe, Poland, Hungary, and yes Harole, BOUGAINVILLE. Independence is stated, claimed, won and held, as defined under the Treaty for 350 years. It is Declarative Independence.
                Bougainville claimed, fought, and won Independence in 1998.
                It has held its free State Independence since, under the same Treaty.

                Readers, give no heed to sloppy opinions. Focus on the Law itself governing sovereignty:

                RIO TINTO/BCL and PNG “behaved badly”… ????
                it is mass-murder.
                RIO TINTO/BCL and PNG perpetrated mass-murder.

                So,why would PNG join RIO TINTO/BCL in the invasion and murders? Because PNG owned 20% of the BCL shares and these returned 40% of the GNP to PNG over 15 years.
                Mass-murder for gold profits.

                Here Harole, you are more than wrong, you are ethically sick and even deranged.

                No Harole, no Blog back, no slander… be a Man !

                Stand with RIO TINTO for the crimes of War and Genocide.
                Go ahead …Stand and show up Harole !!

                Readers… ignore the foolish gossip, go to the source documents.
                Look into the Independence and ancient Pacific Culture of this Nation State, in its Triune Government, its Central Bank, and great natural wealth:

                Readers... Depend on true, verifiable source documents, and the practice of international law from the Treaty of Westphalia for 350 years.


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                  Re: Bougainville Kina (BVK) Currency Real/Fake?

                  Oh boy. Where to start?

                  First, I don't care at all whether Intl Law accepts what I say or doesn't. And I don't care whether he's just badly informed or whether he's shilling for IBOM, although I'm pretty sure it's the latter.

                  What I do care about is that no readers of this thread lose their money.

                  Let's take Intl Law's points one by one.

                  Rio Tino is not in the doc before the Supreme Court of the US? Intl Law, did you read your own link? Here -- I'll paste in the part you didn't read FROM YOUR OWN LINK:

                  "A divided 9th US Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco reversed a lower court's dismissal of claims against the mining giant for genocide and war crimes, while upholding the dismissal of claims for racial discrimination and crimes against humanity."

                  Readers, any US Circuit Court of Appeals (of which, in the US, there are quite a few) is not the US Supreme Court.

                  And here:

                  "The appeals court has returned the case to US District Judge Margaret Morrow in Los Angeles for further proceedings."

                  I don't see how this could be any clearer. The Supreme Court of the US is not involved. Here's the US Supreme Court's website:

                  Home - Supreme Court of the United States

                  By all means explore the site, paying particular attention to the "Docket" and "Docket Search" links. You will find nothing relating to Rio Tinto.

                  So on the first matter, Intl Law's OWN LINK shows him (or her) to be in error.

                  Let's go on to the BVK.

                  Intl Law offers a link to "The Royal Monetary Council," which is -- surprise, surprise -- a link produced by, and backing, IBOM, the Twin Kingdom, and so on.

                  Interestingly enough, "" is a new domain -- created 20-Nov-2012, and registered to a proxy ("Realtime Registere B.V, in the Netherlands) something typically done by organizations who prefer to remain anonymous.

                  Now as for the "Bougainville is not independent," what can I say? Again, this is for interested parties.

                  A good place to begin gathering information about what's happening on Bougainville would be here:

                  NEW DAWN ON BOUGAINVILLE

                  which is the main news service. Interested parties should click on "archives" and go back as far as desired. You can look for news about elections, the island's legislative body, economy, negotiations, and on and on and on.

                  Here's just one example:

                  NEW DAWN ON BOUGAINVILLE:

                  You also might have a look at this:

                  ABG Website - The Bougainville Bulletin

                  No one disputes that there are people on Bougainville and elsewhere who believe there's such a thing as a "Me'ekamui" government and that it's a functioning government on Bougainville.

                  The problem is that it's not a functioning government, and those who think it is are either engaging in some seriously-wishful thinking, or are scammers.

                  By all means go to "" and inspect what you find there. And then surf away, because it's all nonsense.

                  Please note that Intl Law has not linked to any site external to his scam sites, except for the one link that didn't say what he claimed it said.

                  That's strong evidence that something's really wrong.

                  So let's have a review here.

                  1. Intl Law's link to what he claims in a US Supreme Court case is a link to a news item that explicitly DOES NOT EVEN MENTION the US Supreme Court. So his own news items shows that his claim in false. Nothing to do with me, and not a very good sign of Intl Law's research abilities.

                  2. The link that Intl Law claims validates the BVK is nothing more than part of a circular series of links that do not link to any other information outside of the scam network's websites.

                  3. See my point #2.

                  Readers might also be interested in the Bougainville Peace Agreement:


                  And the Bougainville Constitution:


                  I don't know what else there is to say, except if anybody still's wondering about this, here's a selection of search terms to use in any search engine.

                  Noah Musingku
                  Bougainville Revolutionary Army
                  Autonomous Region of Bougainville
                  Bougainville Peace Agreement
                  Bougainville constitution
                  Burnham Agreement
                  Francis Ona
                  Fijian mercenaries Bougainville

                  One more thing, Intl Law. It's "haole," not "harole."


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                    Re: Bougainville Kina (BVK) Currency Real/Fake?

                    OH Boy Haole !!!

                    READERS--- its simple --call Hagens Berman in San Francisco, as any person or Lawyer can. Or, confirm that the Case is scheduled for June 2013 at the SUPREME COURT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA- War Crimes and Genocide.

                    Lest any reader think Harole has any purchase on the truth or sanity, view :

                    State Crime :: State Terror and The Bougainville Conflict

                    Harole-- who you working for ?? RIO TINTO or BCL or PNG ??
                    Go ahead, stand with your employers.

                    You're a paid gossip and a rogue.


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                      Ok haole! What is your connection to BCL/PNG/ABG? You obviously are connected in some way to make a ridiculous comment that the BCL/PNG behaved badly! Please! Everyone please click this link and make up your own mind about HAOLE's comments and the videos and accurate depictions of what happened to the people of Bougainville. you should be ashamed of yourself haole! The people of Bougainville will get their sovereignty and their freedom from the greed of ABG/PNG/BCL and all their tools like haole!


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                        Re: Bougainville Kina (BVK) Currency Real/Fake?

                        The link to click for the truth about Bougainville is State Crime :: State Terror and The Bougainville Conflict


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                          Re: Bougainville Kina (BVK) Currency Real/Fake?

                          Arguing with you is a waste of time, and it doesn't interest me. Do you think I don't know the kind of guys you are?

                          I wonder if you're even Bougainvilleans.

                          Look, here's the point. You are defending a scammer/cheat/fraud. Go ahead -- Noah needs all the help he can get. If readers want to invest in the scam, I'm not going to stop them.

                          But what you guys should do is take a good look at what you've been posting, and ask yourselves if you ever did actually post anything that's true -- true, I mean, about "BVK" and the IBOM scam -- and the CRA/BCP thing. The truth is there for anybody to see. You have not.

                          What you post is silly stuff that I hope wouldn't fool a high school student. You maus wara and maus wara but never -- not once -- come up with any information that isn't part of the same circle of misinformation.

                          Please, let's see something about "June 2013" and the US Supreme Court. If you can't come up with a link, then pasim maus, man giamon. Sure, you posted it. But backed it up with -- nothing.

                          As for the State Crimes thing, I saw that site when it went live a few weeks ago. It only shows how easily an outsider can be tricked into mouthing what others are hoping he'll say. It looks decent, but when you take a good read, it's weak. The writer didn't over all the ground, at all.

                          Me and BCP. What a joke. I was speaking out against them -- actually at Panguna, in the movie theater in front of Lapun, Momis, Lue, and the #2 of BCP as well as the Public Solicitor -- as early as 1972.

                          And let me tell you something you'd never had guessed. Not only am I a life-long left winger, I belonged to the SDS (go look it up, if you can) in the 60s and 70s. And among my friends I counted Max Watts, Fabio and Mandy Cavatini, and Wayne Coles-Janess.

                          I'm also laughing my butt off because you're trying to put me on the BCP side. What a joke! Didn't you understand that Steve Berman called me on the telephone, asking for help? And I put him in touch with Alexis Sarei, and also with Louis Tagonovo. Why don't you call Steve and ask him who made those contacts for him. Go ahead, give him a call. I don't have to, because I know what happened.

                          Are you longlong enough to think that Berman would reach out to find a BCP backer in order to get going on his lawsuit against BCP? If you think that then -- well, I don't know what to say about that. It's too, too funny.

                          You guys aren't looking so good here.

                          Now, me and ABG, sure. Of course. ABG is the legitimate government of Bougainville, and I have contacts there and do whatever I can for them.

                          I stand up for Bougainvilleans -- all of them. You stand up for -- the criminal element.

                          Anyway, this is pointless. Readers have made up their minds, or not.

                          You go ahead and post whatever you want. Emi samting nating long mi.

                          Remember, guys (or one guy and his sock puppet) I don't care to argue with you at all. I'm not interested in changing your minds. It's not worth it, and I'm sure it's not possible anyway.

                          What I am interested in is making sure nobody reading this thread sends any money to Noah's scam. That's what I'm interested in.


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                            Re: Bougainville Kina (BVK) Currency Real/Fake?

                            Haole— you make yourself the joke.
                            We did call Hagens Berman; We did check the Docket-BELOW.

                            It is wonderful to know that you stake your credibility upon the RIO TINTO case, now fully filled for Hearing at THE SUPREME COURT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

                            If you are all wrong about this, all your other gossip and slanders will be just that— slander and mis-information planted by your employers.


                            READERS— see the Wall Street Journal Report:
                            “ Separately, Rio Tinto has an appeal pending at the Supreme Court, arguing that the statute doesn't cover its actions in Papua New Guinea.
                            There, residents allege the company helped suppress a rebellion against its copper-mining operations, resulting in thousands of deaths.
                            In that case, the Ninth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, in San Francisco, ruled that certain universally recognized international-law violations—alleged genocide and war crimes, in the Rio Tinto case—were covered by the Alien Tort Statute, while dismissing other allegations, such as racial discrimination. “

                            HERE is the REUTERS REPORT returning the Case to the SUPREME COURT:

                            READERS--- do you prefer the mis-information from paid tool Haole, and his google gossip, or The Wall Street Journal Report, Reuters and SUPREME COURT DOCKET ??
                            Haole is wrong on all these issues, as the primary source references provided in preceding notes above display, but gives up all his credibility here on the SUPREME COURT CASE.
                            The process of dis-information and mis-information is morally and ethically bankrupt and ethically deranged, regardless of whomever forwards it, Haole, or any other paid fool, supported by RIO TINTO.


                            Forget about the gossip-mongers and google fools--- like Haole.


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                              Re: Bougainville Kina (BVK) Currency Real/Fake?

                              Haole, what was the percentage if Bougainvilleans that voted in the election that the ABG claimed victory? 3%? Come on man give up! They are and have always been an illegitimate government and more recent the PNG government has stopped aid as they now realize the ABG is a joke and the Bougainville people aren't buying it!


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