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SSN (how can she get it without my permission?)

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  • SSN (how can she get it without my permission?)

    I worked for a company who paid me as a sub contractor i guess the boss asked me for my ssn so they could then send me a 1099. Thats all fine. One of their employees also had a small cleaning company that i worked for as a subcontractor too. She always paid me in cold hard cash. Heres where it gets tricky. She never not once ever asked me for my ssn, but yet is sending me a 1099. And the only way she could have gotton my ssn was threw the other company's records. Note too that i quit working with her and she got mad at me. So i do believe she is doing all this for spite. But to me it is WRONG and I am tired of people walking all over me. Your ssn is your life, if i was never asked for it how can she just get it without my permission. Can i do anything about this??

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    Re: SSN (how can she get it without my permission?)

    In this I wish to inform you that different states have different laws regarding safeguarding of SSN through privacy laws. They provide different variety of penalties for disclosure of personal information like SSN with an intent to injure or defraud another person. In this Georgia has passed Senate Bill 475, California has passed Senate Bill 168, Colorado has passed HB 1311 etc. In this you can complain about the fact that when you have never informed about your SSN to the other party then their knowledge of your SSN shows that they have breached your privacy and have got your personal vital information.



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      Re: SSN (how can she get it without my permission?)

      You are committing IRS fraud by getting paid "under the table" yet your morals are in overdrive over how this person obtained your SSN? Is this a joke?

      What SHE'S doing is "wrong"? Cheating the IRS is wrong. Doing it for spite? She's LEGALLY required to send you a 1099. Perhaps the IRS is already involved and she's now following the law.

      "AFFA": Who is this person going to complain to? In order to complain, he's going to have to admit he's been defrauding the government. Your advice, as usual, is inaccurate, as the employer did not obtain this person's SSN with the intent to injure or defraud another person. She has it because it's LEGALLY REQUIRED BY LAW, since he worked, under contract, for her company.

      Collection agencies get SSN's without the consumer's permission too. What is to be done about that?


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