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Formation of a nonprofit in TEXAS by a minor

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  • Formation of a nonprofit in TEXAS by a minor

    Can a 17 year old form a nonprofit corporation in Texas?
    Or do they need to have adults signing all documents and formation papers for them?

    Would that make the adults liable for everything if they have to sign?

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    Minors do not have the legal capacity to enter into contracts.

    Adults would have to cosign all the formation papers. They would also have to cosign for any day to day business that requires your signature.

    And, yes, they would be 100% liable because, as a minor, you wouldn't be.


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      Thank you, hmm I was afraid of that. there any way to work around that I wonder?


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        Originally posted by ROXELL 300 View Post there any way to work around that I wonder?
        Of course there is.

        Wait until you are 18. Can't be that far away.



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          Find somebody 18 or over to be a business partner or participant with you. You can't do it all alone anyway.
          You don't have to give up any power and can still control the management and voting basically.
          If you form in TX you have to have 3 directors anyway I believe.

          (btw you could still form in Delaware or any state frankly and operate nationwide)

          And if your nonprofit is very small you don't even need to form or file anything in some cases.
          Like a neighborhood cash raise for a neighbor in distress e.g.

          So many options exist. Would not hurt to have a lawyer review your details briefly.


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