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Nonprofit won't give me a receipt

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  • Nonprofit won't give me a receipt

    I made a donation to a local organization but asked for a receipt so I could declare it on my taxes possibly.

    I have made 4 requests now and they still do not send it and I am filing next week my taxes.

    What can I do? Are they breaking the law by not sending it to me? Is soothing fishy going on?

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    I wish to inform you that cash donations without receipt cannot be claimed as deduction. If you have donated through bank check then you may claim deduction as you have evidence of donation. A non profit is not compulsory by law to issue a receipt for every donation immediately. You may however report matter to Secretary of State as well as IRS about non issue of receipt so that they may check if funds of non profit are being utilized to intended purpose or not.



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      How much was the donation, Homesky?


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        Originally posted by adjusterjack View Post
        How much was the donation, Homesky?

        Thank you both!

        It was 400 dollars.

        I was going to make one more but not after all this nonsense.


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          If your Schedule A itemized deductions don't exceed the standard deduction it isn't going to matter. OTOH, if your itemized deductions are much higher than the standard deduction then you will need a receipt for any cash contribution over $250. See Page A-11 of the Schedule A instructions.

          Any time you make a monetary donation make sure the person writes out the receipt before you hand over the money.

          I'd be a little suspicious of this organization's tax exempt qualifications under the circumstances. You can check that on the IRS website:


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            I would tell them no receipt then no money, and file a complaint with the state attorney general's office and CC the nonprofit on the letter.


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              I would tell them no receipt then no money
              The money has already been donated.


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                There is some case law that says you can demand the money back if the nonprofit does not handle the funds in the way they represented they would and that you expected. If there is no documentation of the use of the funds it may very well be that a refund is justified.


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                  Or make a big fuss and probably They would rather give the money back and then have to deal with you


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                    No official receipt, no donation---that's my rule!


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