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Germany: University of Hamburg - Faculty of Law

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  • Germany: University of Hamburg - Faculty of Law

    The University of Hamburg (German: Universität Hamburg) is a university in Hamburg, Germany. It was founded on 1 April 1919 by Wilhelm Stern and others. It grew out of the previous Allgemeines Vorlesungswesen and the Kolonialinstitut (Colonial Institute) as well as the Akademisches Gymnasium. Today there are around 38,000 students (as of the start of 2006).

    The annual recruitment of about 7,000 freshmen contributes to the current total of 38,000 students, of which every year 3,500 graduate and 900 receive doctoral degrees. Students can choose from a 120 different majors which are offered by six faculties.

    Administrative building

    The Law Faculty of the University of Hamburg

    A short overview

    Under "Studies" you will find links to lecture indexes and timetables of various study programs and to studies-related news of the Faculty of Law. The "General Information" area provides basic and detailed information about living in Hamburg. The sections "Staff" and "Contact us" offer information about the Faculty's personnel and how to contact them electronically or via phone.

    Please note that most of the departments offer their information in German language only, and some of the general links also lead to German language information. We constantly update our English pages and try to translate the parts still in German bit by bit for the convenience of our international visitors.

    More Info:
    University of Hamburg - Faculty of Law

    Institutes and departments at the Faculty of law
    • Public law
    • Civil law
    • Criminal law
    • Other subjects

    Public law
    • Seminar für öffentliches Recht und Staatslehre
    • Seminar für Verwaltungslehre
    • Seminar für Finanz- und Steuerrecht
    • Seminarabteilung für europäisches Gemeinschaftsrecht
    • Institut für Seerecht und Seehandelsrecht
    • Institut für internationale Angelegenheiten
    • Forschungsstelle Umweltrecht (Forum)
    • Projekt Gewässerschutz in Deutschland
    • Forschungsstelle für Sozialrecht und Sozialpolitik
    • Forschungsstelle Recht und Innovation (Ceri)
    • Forschungsstelle für Kulturverfassungs- und Verwaltungsrecht

    Civil law
    • Seminar für Bürgerliches Recht und zivilrechtliche Grundlagenforschung
    • Seminar für Zivilprozeß- und allgemeines Prozeßrecht
    • Seminar für Arbeitsrecht
    • Seminar für ausländisches und internationales Privat- und Prozeßrecht
    • Seminar für Handels-, Schiffahrts- und Wirtschaftsrecht
    • Seminar für Versicherungswissenschaft
    • Institut für Recht und Ökonomik
    • Institut für Seerecht und Seehandelsrecht

    Criminal law
    • Institut für Kriminalwissenschaften, Abt. Strafrecht
    • Institut für Kriminalwissenschaften, Abt. Kriminologie, (früher: Seminar für Jugendrecht und Jugendhilfe)

    • Seminar für Rechtsphilosophie
    • Seminar für Deutsche und Nordische Rechtsgeschichte
    • Seminar für Römisches Recht und Vergleichende Rechtsgeschichte
    • Seminar für Ostrechtsforschung
    • Europa-Kolleg
    • Aufbau- und Kontaktstudium Kriminologie
    • Computerpool Jura - CPJ, (ehem. ZRVI)
    • Institut f. Ausl. und Intern. Finanz- und Steuerwesen

    More Info:
    University of Hamburg - Faculty of Law

    The Faculty and its library

    The Law Faculty exists since the founding of the University of Hamburg in 1919. Today there are more than 5000 law students and 47 professors. There are also many professor`s assistants, Teachers (i.e. junior lawer), and Student Tutors (Law Students) working in the Law Faculty.

    The Law faculty consists of 25 departments, which offer various programs (for example, Master Programs) offered by the Law Faculty.

    Until August 2006 the different institutions were spread all over the campus. Now they are all situated in the Rechtshaus on Schlüterstraße 28. Here you will also find the ZBR (Central law library) - one of Europe´s most modern libraries. It is opened until 12 am each day - starting to open on 7am from monday to friday, 8 am on saturday and 10 am on sunday. You´ll find 380.000 books as well as 900 different magazines there, covering all sectors of law. Users can conduct research in various electronic databases from 75 computer terminals or by connecting their own notebook computers in one of the 1000 available network-sockets. You can find more information here:

    University of Hamburg - Faculty of Law

    Ways of getting in contact

    Faculty's administration

    Office and address:
    Universität Hamburg, Fakultät für Rechtswissenschaft
    Rechtshaus, Schlüterstraße 28
    20146 Hamburg

    Telefax: 040/42838-6352 or -2635

    Head of administration: Karen Ebeling, Tel. 040/42838-3044
    Representative heads: Käthe-Renate Bury, Tel. 040/42838-4085, Ute Schröder, Tel. 040/42838-5779

    Visiting times: Tuesday to Thursday from 10 am to 12 pm.

    Student's guidance and social care

    Eva Fremke
    International House
    Rothenbaumchaussee 36
    Room 8
    20148 Hamburg

    Visiting times: In summer terms from beginning of April until end of July.
    In winter terms from beginning of October until end of January.
    Times for both: Tuesday from 4 to 6 pm as well as after individual agreement.
    Head of department


    Prof. Dr. Hans-Heinrich Trute
    Universität Hamburg, Fakultät für Rechtswissenschaft
    Rechtshaus, Room A 107, Schlüterstraße 28, 20146 Hamburg
    Tel.: 040/42838-4084
    Secretary's office:
    Erika Ahrens, Rechtshaus, Room A 106, Schlüterstraße 28, 20146 Hamburg
    Tel.: 040/42838-7807

    Further members

    Prof. Dr. Dagmar Felix
    Rechtshaus, Room A 327, Schlüterstraße 28, 20146 Hamburg
    Tel.: 040/42838-2665, Fax: 040/42838-2930
    Secretary's office:
    Heike Jansen, Rechtshaus, Room A 326, Schlüterstraße 28, 20146 Hamburg
    Tel.: 040/42838-2928

    Prof. Dr. Reinhard Bork
    Rechtshaus, Room A 129, Schlüterstraße 28, 20146 Hamburg
    Tel.: 040/42838-4110, Fax: 040/42838-5528
    Secretary's office:
    Margrit Brüggemann, Rechtshaus, Raum A 128, Schlüterstraße 28, 20146
    Tel.: 040/42838-3390

    Prof. Dr. Stefan Oeter
    Rechtshaus, Room A 415, Schlüterstraße 28, 20146 Hamburg
    Tel.: 040/42838-4565, Fax: 040/42838-6262
    Secretary's office:
    Evelyn Eck, Rechtshaus, Room A 414, Schlüterstraße 28, 20146 Hamburg
    Tel.: 040/42838-4601


    Christiane Cyron
    Rechtshaus, Raum A 103, Schlüterstraße 28, 20146 Hamburg
    Tel: 040/42838-4705

    University of Hamburg - Faculty of Law

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