Bucerius Law School, Hamburg, Germany

Beginning in the fall of 2002, the University of Michigan Law School has offered a fall semester study abroad opportunity with Bucerius Law School for up to two students. Students who are proficient in German will be given preference. But knowledge of German is not required.

Bucerius Law School requires all its own students to be fluent in English and to spend one semester studying abroad. Hence Michigan students will find the Bucerius student body very internationally oriented.

Interested students must comply with the General Guidelines for Semester Legal Studies Abroad, which contain important information, including how to apply. Please also read the Guidelines for Semester Study Abroad at Bucerius Law School, Hamburg, Germany.

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Bucerius Law School, Hamburg

Master of Law and Business

We are proud to present a program which systematically combines numerous aspects of international business law with issues of international management. Participants obtain a unique ability to analyse the ever-increasing number of international issues that involve both legal and economic elements. Our two schools are among the finest in the country and have a reputation for their international and practice-oriented teaching.

New ranking: WHU and Bucerius best German private schools in business and law

In the current issue of "Junge Karriere" both MLB partner schools WHU - Otto Beisheim School of Management and Bucerius Law School have been ranked best German private schools in their respective disciplines business administration and law. In total, WHU achieved the fourth rank in business administration and Bucerius the second rank in law.

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Why MLB?

Bucerius Law School and WHU – Otto Beisheim School of Management jointly offer the English-language Master of Law and Business Program to give legal and business professionals the opportunity to deepen their knowledge of international business law as well as international management. A unique focus of the program consists of complementary law and business courses that provide an interdisciplinary approach to central issues in international business. The Program is also unique in that internationally and comparatively-oriented classroom instruction with teaching staff from many countries, an internship, a course of general studies and the drafting of a master’s thesis all take place within one – very intensive – calendar year.

MLB graduates boast an impressive set of additional skills and knowledge with direct relevance for work in international companies, law firms, and other organizations. They belong to a still small group of professionals who have been systematically trained to take an interdisciplinary approach to legal and management questions. In addition, the comparative approach and the international composition of the student body consisting of well-trained professionals from around the world foster an intercultural understanding of legal and business questions.

The program is particularly designed for graduates in law or business/economics and young professionals with some working experience. But we also welcome a limited number of graduates from other academic backgrounds who have strong professional interest in legal and business questions. Participants are carefully selected to create a dynamic and open-minded group representing different cultures and approaches to legal and business questions. We put a particular emphasis on a lively exchange within the group.

Our students benefit from an excellent mix of faculty from the academic as well as practicing legal and business communities. They are also given access to the extensive, international professional and academic network of both schools.

We are particularly pleased that our concept enjoys the full endorsement and generous support of UBS Deutschland AG.

Professor Larsen and Professor Rudolf

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