Seems as if even Harvard and Yale law students aren't immune to the economic downturn. Thanks to a job recruiting schedule that only those two schools can get away with, a number of its students have been left with far fewer job and internship offers than usual, and some with none at all, the Harvard Crimson reports.

Harvard and Yale both hold their on-campus interview processes several weeks after most other law schools to give their students more time to prepare. Normally, this works out fine because law firms will hold spots for students from the two famously esteemed institutions. This year, however, the brunt of the economic downturn occurred right as all the other students were accepting offers and Harvard and Yale students were gearing up for their interviews. By the time their turn came around, job offers had been gobbled up, and students who normally would have gotten asked back to all their choices, were seeing only a fraction of that.

As a result, career services at Harvard Law are pushing to bring the school's recruiting in line with other schools. A decision on that change would be announced at the end of December.