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Loss prevention threatening me--help!

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  • Loss prevention threatening me--help!

    I was drinking cokes and redbulls at work and not paying for the last year. Now they say they "caught me" and they have loss prevention making all sorts of crazy threats.
    I thought it was allowed. Really. Even was drinking them in front of management.

    What should I do.

    They want a meeting with their lawyer lawyer on Wedensay.

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    They want a meeting with their lawyer lawyer on Wedensay.
    Then you hire your own lawyer tomorrow and don't go to that meeting without him. You are being accused of a criminal act that could land you in jail. Let your lawyer handle it for you and don't discuss it with anybody else.


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      You really thought free drinks come with the job? If so I hope you never work for a bank.

      You are (A) about to lose your job and as Adjusterjack says (B) facing a criminal charge.

      Get a lawyer.
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        I have a friend who is a Retail theft consultant and answers questions like yours daily. He says to consult your own attorney and deny meeting. If yo are still working do NOT answer any questions. Regardless your job is probably gone so not answer questions or attending meeting is not going to save it. Simply tell them you cannot attend this meeting until you discuss matter with a Lawyer and leave it at that. Say nothing else. Do NOT discuss this matter with ANYONE and do NOT post details or names online!


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          Thank yu

          I will arrange a lawyer to go with me. I hope it is not too expensive. What a mess.


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            Ain't no such thing as freebies at work unless they tell you that in writing!!

            lol---if you really even believed that...


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              What happened? I assume they fired your entitled ass?


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