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Does an employer have a duty to...

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  • Does an employer have a duty to...

    Keeo all his employees safe. I'm a very strong-willed woman working in an office filull of men. For the most part, everyone gets along, but there area few that can't stajd each other. They get so pissed and threaten to kick each other butts that I try to just lock myself in my office. There are also a couple people who.... well let's just say tjey do alot of illegal activities. I have tried numerous times to talk to my boss who is the owner/president of the company ad he just blows it off or changes the subject. Shouldn't he have the duty to keep all his employees from being harmed. I am goin to school to be a paralegal and if something happens in that office, I don't want it followng me.

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    re: Does an employer have a duty to...

    You have not indicated anything to suggest there is corporate mismanagement going on.
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      re: Does an employer have a duty to...

      I wish to inform you that you may report the matter to owner in writing so that you have the evidence of the acts going in office. If your employer does not take action then you may report matter to Department of Labor as they can take action in the matter. You may also file a complaint with EEOC against your employer.



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        re: Does an employer have a duty to...

        The rights of the employees vary by state, but regardless of where you live, an employee has the right to a safe and healthful workplace. The employer should be providing a reasonably safe place to work. Employees also have the right to request that their employer correct hazards or conditions. The employees also normally have a right to workers' compensation for the medical costs of any injuries suffered due to the workplace. The employer can be forced to take steps to make the workplace reasonably safe for you. You may have recourse if your employer knows that the situation is dangerous to your well-being, has been notified of such, and the employer continues to place you in that setting. See a lawyer to determine if you have a case.


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          The owner is the president/owner/ceo/my boss. People bring drug paraphanalia and sell their product. They smoke it in the parking lot. They roll it at their desks. My boss wants to be in denial. The vice president is in another state, but he doesnt want those type of people working for the company.


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            Re: Does an employer have a duty to...

            So, report the matter to police
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