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Hostile Work Environment (I had to make a decision my health or my job)

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  • Hostile Work Environment (I had to make a decision my health or my job)

    I have recently quit my job and feel I should be surplused and my employer denied my request and claims I will most likely not receive unemployment either. I have never experienced the stress that I have experienced since April of 2009. I was employed with the company for almost 15 years. I received very good yearly evaluations, I received the highest prestige award and the only person in the history of the company to receive the award 2 years and I achieved in 2 consecutive years. It all started with a transfer from one store to another and large business accounts that I had set up were very upset with the move and voiced their opinion to the Regional Vice President. The VP was convinced that I caused all of this and when I tried explaining my actions he would not listen and had his mind set up on what really transpired during my meeting with the business accounts. My VP and my supervisor came into my office in May of 09 I believe and interrogated me for almost an hour and after he would not listen to me and wanted to continue to try to make me believe his version was correct I told him I did not want to discuss this any further because he has his own theory and he would not even listen to what truely transpired. A week later he came back to my office and I received a formal documentation (that I did not sign) but it was a write up for his version of my meeting with the large account holders that I had when I went in to let them know that I would no longer be able to service their account and that I would be in the new manager the following week. I then went out on vacation for a week and when I returned I was hoping life at work would get better and it didn't. I then went out on FMLA around June 2nd and returned July 6th. 20 days from returning I was told that if I did not get my team up to speed on prospecting dials that I would be placed on a PIP (Performance Improvement Plan) which is placed in your employee file and never goes away. I met the requirements but then was placed on a PIP anyways for other metrics that I did not hit but the entire company was going under and no one was hitting their mark. I continued receiving the PIP's month after month, I believe a total of 4 PIP's. In the middle of the 4th PIP the new company purchased us and the weekly PIP meetings stopped and my boss really never came into my store. Life started turning around. End of January was the grand opening and we had to have the frontend remerchandised and rebranded in which I worked from 9am on the 23rd to 1am on the 24th and returned back to the office at 11am. I finally crashed on Tuesday and did not go into work and slept the entire day because I had hit exhaustion. I then returned to work, working 15 to 17 hour shifts again and I ended passing out in the inventory room and my husband came and picked me up from work and I went to the doctor the following day. He restricted my hours to 8 hours per day no more than 40 hours per week (4:30 on January 28th). While I was at the doctor my son and daughter were at my brothers house and their dog bit my daughter in the face in which it was so severe that she had to be sent to a hospital an hour and half away to receive plastic surgery by a pediactric. We arrived back home on Friday the 29th around 5am. On Saturday at 7:30am by supervisor sent me a text and stated "when will you be at work from when to when". I explained to him that I have worked long shifts that I had not seen my daughter since the 6th of January I knew it was bad timing with the merger but what did he expect me to do? He stated "your team needs you when your accessible please get into work and let me know when you arrive". Even though I knew this was completly inconsiderate I know it is corporate America and I got dressed and went into work. I tried limiting my hours but it was impossible to get out of the office in 8 hours and if I tried to leave the helpers from the new company that we had merged with was "your not leaving are you". I finally met my new boss around (Feb 2nd) in meeting with her she asked about the large accounts I had set up and wanted me to fill her in so I told her a little of what she needed to know. After discussing this with her she stated "Jerry (my previous boss) had filled her in on this". She also said "he told me one of them is basically a hot-head" and I tried explaining that he was overpromised something and he had a reason to be and she cut me off and said "no one is going to tell me how I am going to run my business and if they think they are the only large account that we have they are sadly mistaken and she can be just as much of a ***** as they can be a hot-head. I thought well we are off to a real good start and I obviously knew at this point that the past year that I had been fighting through in which I do not feel I should have been was still going to haunt me by my new supervisor. However, I tried to be optimistic and I put all my motivation into getting the store operating and looking presentable for my customers, my team, and in hopes of satisfying my immediate supervisor. I worked diligently to get this done and I had missed time lines of expectations running a store on 15 and 16 hours a day with myself, and 4 to 5 other reps and 40 customers standing in line at all times. I came into the store on Saturday February 6th at 2pm and left February 7th at 3:30pm. I returned on Monday the 8th around 11am and received a call from my supervisor around 12pm laying into me about how she has received numerous complaints from customers and my staff that I am never at work. Now keep in mind I have been under medical treatment for a year due to this stress, I was on a 26 hour straight working shift, I was to be limited to 40 hours and I had worked 60 hours in 3 days and she called me without investigating these accusations first and accused me of never being at work. Anytime I tried to explain anything to her she raised her voice would speak over me telling me she will not have anyone on her team that she does not trust, she also stated I never sent her my store schedule in which I have record that I did, she also told me that I was mandated to come to work call her from a landline store phone and to contact her at the end of my shift to be excused for the day. I told her if my team feels I never work and she is going to be arguementative with me, hostile, unprofessional, and threaten me when she has not even investigated the situation then there was no need for me to be employed here. She said that's fine I am not going to stop you from turning in your resignation but as long as you are employed here you will do as I have asked and I expect your schedule within the hour. I knew at this point it did not matter what I did for this company that I could work myself to death and they will find something to cause me more emotional distress. After a year I had to call it quits my doctor had been telling me that I could not keep going on like this and there would need to come a point that I had to make a decision my health or my job. I left the office and my husband went into the office that night to gather my personal belongings that I had written down on a piece of paper and he left in the store so they were aware of what was taken and he had 3 witnesses with him at all times. I tried contacting the HR director at the new company but she said she could not speak to me that I had to speak to the VP (conflict of interest) and the director of HR who I had to deal with over the entire situation in April of 2009. In speaking with them all they wanted to know was if I was resigning I told both of them that I could not work in that type of environment and I did not deserve to be attacked for something that was not true he said they were in the process of investigating it and I stated why didn't she wait to get the facts first and he told me not to tell him how to operate his business. I told him I would not be returning to work but after all the time I had put in that I felt due to the hostility I have had to deal with for the past year that I feel I should receive part of my severence, the rest of retention, my salary for time worked, and my sales compensation up to the last day that I worked. He said that I would not be surplused in anyway.
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