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Will it be legal to require booster shot of vaccine to keep your job?

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  • Will it be legal to require booster shot of vaccine to keep your job?

    Will it be legal in California to require booster shot of vaccine to keep your job?
    Even if you were fully vaccinated once?

    Where does it stop then?

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    It's legal.

    Take the booster and don't risk your paycheck.

    I just had my booster last week. No biggie.


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      I'll just take new pill if I ever get covid.


      • #4
        I do share numrun's apparent concern!


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          So far there has been no law or case decision making a vaccine mandate illegal. And there is a trend in the courts on several occasions (including the US Supreme Court) upholding mandates.

          Over 95% of all hospitalizations and deaths in the last couple of months have been of the unvaccinated.

          747,970 Covid deaths have occurred in the US since the beginning. Deaths are currently averaging 1200 per day in the US. That's 36,000 per month. In 12 months that total could be 1,279,970. That's almost twice the number of US soldiers killed in battle (651,031) in all the wars fought by the US since its birth.

          Covid is an enemy that won't quit until every man, woman, and child in the US is vaccinated.

          It's not your job that you should be concerned about, it's your life.

          But no worries, there are plenty of Darwin Awards available for anti-vaxxers.


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            Yes, you should take the booster shoot,


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              Got my fifth shot yesterday.

              I got the new bivalent vaccine from Phizer.

              I was ambivalent about for a while but decided to go for it.

              Does anybody get the joke?


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                ambivalent bivalent yes---but sorry not that funny, though I like your answers generally



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                  Actually, I wasn't ambivalent about it. I just thought it was a good play on words.

                  I was in the VA building yesterday and just went down the hall to get the vax.

                  I tried the joke on the nurse. She didn't get it. LOL.

                  Anyway, glad you like my stuff. I do my best to help posters or steer them to resources that might be helpful.


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