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employees feel harassed by this one employee

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  • employees feel harassed by this one employee

    I work with approximately 40 people daily. Among these people I share a specific work area (a portable building on the property) with 17 other people. Approximately a month ago an employee from the main building was moved into this portable building. This person will not now, nor has ever engaged in polite conversation with any employees other than management or their spouse who also works there. This person will rarely make eye contact with anyone, and will never say "hello" or "thank you" when a door is held open for them. Yet, this person makes it their daily task to record on paper things that are said among other employees in the room that they deem "inappropriate ." This person constantly notifies the supervisor and manager via phone calls, texts and verbal complaints of the conversations that are being held in the same room while this employee is present. Management has directed everyone to cease all vulgar language and unnecessary conversation on the work room floor. This has been met with compliance for the most part. The cursing and bad language has,stopped, but there is still some conversation. This employee insists that there is no discussion of any kind, and they continually "tattle" to management. These employees cause no trouble, get their work done to satisfaction, and get along with each other just fine. These employees feel harassed by this one employee and want to know if they have any legal recourse against this person?

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    Sorry, this isn't harassment in any way. Clearly the management feels that the new person's complaints had merit and made directives based on those complaints. Since you and others "unnecessary conversation" should end I suggest you stop taking part in "unnecessary conversation". You could spend the time you normally spend conversing thinking about where you want to work next.


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      Not harassment. Micromanaging. I'm willing to bet that the employer intentionally put that employee in there to report back on productivity which is well within the employer's rights as employees should be working, not talking (except on breaks). Yeah, it's a bit overdone but the recourse is to seek employment elsewhere where employers are more liberal about employee intercourse.

      (Get your mind out of the gutter. It means people talking to each other. LOL)


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        They sound like a plain ole snitch!


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          So management has decided to put someone there to increase productivity and determine if any employees are sub standard. Your recourse is to get a new job.
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            Or get THAT employee to quit


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