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unsure how to handle this

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  • unsure how to handle this

    I could really use the help of a lawyer to see if i have a case. I Live in Canada mind you.
    I work for a multi- billion dollar corp.
    I work in a mainly male dominated feild. I worked the night shift and was the only young girl.
    2 Years ago, i was sexually harrassed. By that i mean grabbed by the bum and underneath.
    I did not report it at the time because i was scared i would lose my job as he was friends with the boss.
    The guy still sends me emails constantly. The company does now know about the incident.

    Incident # 2

    Months ago, I was confined into a chemical storage area by my superior. By confined he taped me in the room. From this i have suffered what the Doctors call Toxic Inhalition Poisioning and PTSD. They went through a formal investagtion and filed it under a kind of harrasment but did not get rid of the employee.
    i had asked the company to ensure that we would never work again. They could not ensure this.
    Since the date i have been off I have lost about 6 months in wages, i have collectors at my door, i have lost my car insurance and a myraid of other things that have back lashed from this experience. I have asked for the company to take me out of that area of work and transfer me to another area. They are not complying at all and think i will just go away and shut up.

    I am now 6 months pregnant and they know this and still are not accomating this factor.

    I am at loss and if anyone knows if i have a case or sounds like i have a case, can you please let me know!!
    any advice is greatly appreciated!!
    Thank you

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    Re: unsure how to handle this

    You can inform the Canadian Human Rights Commission or the Human Rights Commission of your state regarding the fact that you were sexually harassed in the workplace of your company. Further, you can inform about the work place problems including the fact that you were confined in a chemical storage to Human Rights Commission. Moreover, confinement itself is an offence and you can report about confining to police. Kindly note that it is the duty of the employer to ensure the safety of the employees esp. female workers.



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      Re: unsure how to handle this

      thanks for your response.
      I will report it to Canadian Human Rights Commission.
      I have already filed a police report.
      Today i went and saw a legal student who is going to pass the notes over to a lawyer but
      she said she is pretty sure i have a case. Even though she can't technically disclose that information.
      The only thing she said is that no employment lawyer will take this on pro-bono and it is $350 an hour to do.
      which i can't afford.

      Do you know if i can pursue legal action against the man who taped me into the storage area?
      would it be worth it?

      Thank you,


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        Re: unsure how to handle this

        Let's back up a bit. You admit you were sexually harassed 2 YEARS ago at this same employer's? The fact that you took no action back then will be a detriment against you should you push forward with a lawsuit. The fact that you continue to work there while all of these years of "abuse" have been going on will also not fare well for you in court.

        You say you suffer from toxic inhalation and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (who on earth doesn't?), yet you have somehow managed to become pregnant under all this stress, further adding to your stress level.

        The fact that you have continued to work for this employer all these years AFTER the initial "sexual harassment" tells a story. Had you simply reported it and quit (you could have drawn unemployment), found another job, all of these woes would not be happening to you now. You have CHOSEN to stay at this company's employ, for reasons known only to you. But if it were that bad, you surely would have quit a long time ago. For this fact alone, no attorney will touch your case with a ten foot pole, and Labor Department will take your story with a grain of salt. Employees are expected to know and realize when employment situations are detrimental to their emotional, physical, and mental health and get to hell out of there. It's one thing to complain. It's a whole other ball game to expect to complain and STILL keep your job.

        Sorry, but you are SOL. You cannot expect anyone, including a court of law, to take you seriously when you've done nothing to remedy the situation for yourself, the biggie being that you still continue to work there. Your PTSD is self inflicted.

        Incidentally, Affa: Canada has Provinces, not States.


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          Re: unsure how to handle this

          Okay thanks for your input..

          theres a lot more to go along with it that i would tell the lawyer about. obviously i am not going to tell every little thing about my story online. I wanted input and thats what i got.
          guess what tho, i have a lawyer and he is willing to take this on.
          your pretty hostile tho haha...

          so you are saying that PSTD is self inflicted eh?
          thats a pretty bold statement, and frankly until i see a PHD beside your name, and you have had a full analysis of me and my life then and only then are you allowed to determine what is self inflicted.

          when you are the only girl working among all men, you probably would find it hard to say something about sexual harasment.

          When you are working for a really goooood company and its paying the bills and then some, you surley would find it hard to speak up about something like this...

          Oh Wait i really just realized im wasting my time,
          good bye


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            Re: unsure how to handle this

            Ah yes. Another person who starts out posting a question like a meek little timid titmouse goody two shoes, but shows their true colors, teeth bared and mouth frothing, when someone points out the obvious and hits a nerve with the truth. It's too bad you don't have that kind of grit to throw at these people who are supposedly "abusing" you at work. You are obviously not as weak and timid and innocent as you try to pass yourself off to be on this forum.

            Sticking around and taking abuse from employer's/coworkers for the sake of money is subject to the character of who it is who chooses to stay and take it.


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              Re: unsure how to handle this

              great post above


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                Re: unsure how to handle this

                haha im not callin myself a saint, and nor do i judge you for name calling haha

                and last time i checked my mouth isn't frothing, and my teeth aren't baring. i really don't get that hostile.
                I have tried to throw some "grit" back at them to no avail.
                My union reps have tried and to no avail as well.
                This company is good at sweeping people under the rug, but i am not going to let myself be swept under.

                **Sticking around and taking abuse from employer's/coworkers for the sake of money is subject to the character of who it is who chooses to stay and take it.**

                Yes i agree with this, but right now i have a child on the way ( you know what...if i didn't i would have said **** it sooo long ago, cause its not really worth my time)
                but i do not want to be a mother on the streets with a baby thats just sad. I would rather try and figure this out, sort through the **** and see what my best availble options are. I like to weigh things, get pros and cons before i just jump and make rash decisions. you know what more then 99.9 percent of the time it works!

                Truth does not hurt me. haha FYI
                It helps me.
                so thanks,

                if anyone has useful information....things that are going to help and not just point out what they find obvious then that would be great.

                peace love and happiness


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                  Re: unsure how to handle this

                  Well, consider this. You've stated in your previous post that you have hired an attorney who has taken your case and believes you have a good case. So you really don't need any "advice" here. There isn't any point in airing your woes on the internet at this point.

                  Why you are still looking for "helpful" advice on an internet message board after hiring an attorney is anyone's guess. You should be taking the advice of your attorney. His/her advice is the only advice that matters.


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