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Family feud, desperate position ( Indonesia)

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  • Family feud, desperate position ( Indonesia)

    I don't know if I'm posting this in the right section, but I need urgent help for my family. It's a very complex case, and will take very long to explain the little details, but simply put, it's regarding a family feud. My grandfather is the founder of one of the largest conglomerates in Indonesia. Currently my eldest uncle is the President Director of the holding, with my father as one of the Managing Directors. Nine months ago, my father was accused by my uncle (he is a very cruel political minded man who held a grudge against my dad, seeing my dad as a competitor) of dealing "illegal" property transactions. Through deception and manipulation, he has convinced my other uncles and aunties that my dad is in the wrong, hence they all ganged up against my dad, even going so far to publish in the newspaper, defaming my dad, accusing all sorts of rubbish without any solid evidence of my dad doing such illegal stuff. My family have tried to explain to the other uncles but to no avail, they refuse to believe us. My family has been "in war" with them for nine months, and we have accumulated a lot of evidence regarding my uncle and if it is reported, he can be jailed for a few years to a decade minimum. HOWEVER, this is the dilemma, my father's siblings are very merciless. They have decided to lock my father's personal money in the company and attempt to overthrow my father by stripping his position in the company soon. My eldest uncle, as the President Director of the company, has full access of the money within the company. When my family tried to report his crimes (we are fed up for the mental torture that we have endured for so long already), it turns out the police and judges have been bribed by my uncle to not help us (Indonesian law is very corrupt) and we found out that he has made at least 8 attempts to imprison my dad due to personal grudges (my uncle is very well known in Indonesia for being "crazy" and ruthless but he has no doubt extensive network to the government officials so on and so forth). What should my family do? My uncle has been planning this for years and years and nine months ago he decided to go with his plan to kick my family out of the group. Please help us, we are innocent, but we are trapped in a very unfavorable and cruel circumstances. I don't know who else to look for help from.

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    Re: Family feud, desperate position ( Indonesia)

    I wish to inform you that you may take civil action against your uncle. In civil action police is not involved. As regards judges generally you may not be able to bypass them because they only have decision making power. In this regard you can appeal the decision to next higher court. In this appellate court will again have a review of the case and decision can be taken based upon available facts. Alternatively your father can withdraw his investments and sell his share so that he has no loss of money.



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      Re: Family feud, desperate position ( Indonesia)

      Politics can be cruel when money is involved. Family ties can be fuses. Unless you can get gov't support at a higher level, dad is screwed.
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