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I have a retail theft, how can I remove it from my record

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  • I have a retail theft, how can I remove it from my record


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    Re: I have a retail theft, how can I remove it from my record

    I wish to inform you that after reaching the age of 18 years, you may file a petition in the court to expunge your juvenile offense records. The petition will be filed in the juvenile court of the county where the offense occurred. Most courts have preprinted forms which can be filled and filed. Some states prescribe a stipulation that a petition to expunge may not be filed for a period of 5 years from the date of offense.



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      Re: I have a retail theft, how can I remove it from my record

      Originally posted by Emen1302 View Post
      I made a big mistake I was fired from my job for buying an item of 40 dollars of value using points gained from a customer's purchase that wasn't going to gain the points anyways because they didn't have a points card and didn't want one, I was a cashier, I never took money from the register or items from the store, but i guess it is still considered stealing. I was called in by the loss prevention and I pleaded guilty, I wrote a statement admitting what I did and why I did it, I signed some forms and then was terminated from that job. I was told by my manager that it wouldn't be considered as theft and he would try to find a code so that it wouldn't affect me for future employment. I recently applied to a new job and a letter came in the mail stating it was a consumer report requested by the new Job I applied to and it was labeled as retail theft contributory database. I am 17 when this happened, will it be sealed when I turn 18 or is there anyway to remove this from my record like getting it expunged or doing community service or anything so I can find a job. Please help me I am very worried, thanks.
      Were you ever arrested, given a ticket, or required to appear in court for this matter? Or were your dealings only with the Theft Prevention department of your store?

      If you were never charged with a crime through the courts, then there is no criminal record to seal, or way for you to do community service to get it removed.

      Many retailers do participate in a Shoplifter's Database to which they submit names of offenders (prosecuted and not prosecuted) so that other participating retailers can avoid hiring known thieves and shoplifters. If your name is there (which sounds to be the case), there's NOTHING you can do about having your name removed unless you contact the database maintainers themselves.

      Actions have consequences. For those who get caught stealing and shoplifting from retail stores, that usually means never being able to get work in the retail field ever again. You may just have to seek employment in a different line of work instead.
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        Re: I have a retail theft, how can I remove it from my record

        I have a friend who is a retail theft consultant and answers such questions for no fee. He says your former employer is probably a member of a retail theft database as is who you sought employment from. Since you did not go to court and your wording in this post its likely what happened. Without knowing the two stores involved its hard to say but its unwise to name stores on public forum. In your PM box on this site I gave you some info that might help


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          Re: I have a retail theft, how can I remove it from my record

          Hire an attorney who specializes in criminal law to help you expunge your retail theft charge. Check your state's requirements for expunging a record to find out if you are eligible. Once you have a conviction expunged, you can legally claim that you have never been convicted of a crime when filling out job applications or credit checks.


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