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termination questions in Ohio

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  • termination questions in Ohio

    I understand my question is "putting the cart before the horse". I hope this venue is a sounding board and a place to seek advice on a subject I am not familiar with. Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated.

    A little background (though only the parts directly related to my questions):

    I have been employed in a small, family-owned retail store for 12 years. The family is now only active as the corporate officers, no actual hands-on involvement in the day to day operations. Over the past six months or so, the store manager has continually tried to find fault with almost everything I say or do. (She is not a family member, just a 40+ years employee). I have been given a great deal of responsibility within the store, and have always, until recently, been praised for the job I have done and the initiative I have taken. My job reviews and evaluations have always been rated "excellent", though the last one had the word "temperament" listed as my only "weakness". I believe she is trying to get me to quit by trying to find something I have done wrong and it's not working. The store manager is looking hard for some sort of wrong doing-theft or whatever. She has gone through my purchase history within the store, has pulled my job envelopes (it is a jewelry store), and has searched my work area (which I know is the right of an employer). No other employee is being treated in this manner, though we have seen this same thing happen a few years ago with a former employee who was in fact guilty of theft of company property.

    Because the manager has not been able to find anything "wrong", I fear she will make something up. Since she won't be obligated to give me a reason for letting me go, my concern is how she will portray my leaving to customers, anyone else she might speak to, and to my co-workers (my co-workers are aware of what she is attemping to do and while they are supportive of me, they also need to keep their jobs). I know she doesn't hesitate to speak badly about former employees. While it seemed less than professional, it wasn't something that concerned me until I realized what was happening to me.
    I don't want to remain at a job where I feel harassed daily, I just want to protect my reputation from harmful lies.

    1) Can the "temperament" comment keep me from being able to collect unemployment?
    2) What would be my recourse if I am terminated and find she is making false statements about my leaving? I want to be absolutely sure of my rights before I leave the store.
    3) In Ohio, how much time do they have to issue my final paycheck? I beleive my termination will occur tomorrow 1/2/07.

    Again, thank you for any advice you can provide.

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    Re: termination questions in Ohio may want to ask the company to put what is happening in writing and explain to them that you may have attorneys review the situation...try speaking to a higher level of management or owner about the issue; they may override the other manager. Unfortunately they can fire you just as you can quit for almost reason but if they say factually false or defamatory things like you stole x etc. then they can be sued.


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