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I was suspended without pay.

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  • I was suspended without pay.

    I am in Arkansas.

    Yesterday at the building I work someone shoved a bunch of towels up into a light socket causing a fire. My supervisors later called me into the office and questioned me. I told them I didn't do it and I didn't know who did. They made vague threats about suspending me and firing me the next day. They also told me anyone in the bathroom for about 20 minutes before our lunch break would probably be suspended. (The fire started at about lunch time).

    Today when I arrived at work I was told to clock in early and follow my supervisor.

    I was taken to a room and interrogated by a man who said he worked for some security firm and was an ex-cop. He told me I had to write a statement. I did so and I asked for a copy and he refused to give me one. He waited until I had signed it to refuse to give me a copy. He repeatedly told me I was a liar and he could tell by the way my eyes moved and basically badgered me.

    They sent me to an office and called more people in to talk to this man. During the time I was in this office they called break. I tried to go to break but they told me I had to stay in the room. After being in this room about an hour or more they came back and took me in the room again.

    The security guy had a co-worker of mine in the room and he started accusing me of starting this fire. He then asked my co-worker if he had seen me do something like this the day before the fire started. My co-worker told him that he had seen me do it the day before. I was in shock and when I tried to defend myself the guy started yelling and basically calling me deceitful and a bunch of other stuff I can't even remember what all he said to me.

    They told me they were suspending me without pay. I protested and told them I needed money to pay my bills and I was innocent. They told me a bunch of stuff about how they could arrest me right then if they wanted to and just basically kept scaring the hell out of me.

    He told me I couldn't call any of my friends that work at the place I do and I had better not come up there or anywhere near there.

    I don't know what to do I can't even be at work to defend myself and they're threatening me with all kinds of jail time and I didn't even do anything.

    Do I have any rights?

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    Re: I was suspended without pay.

    You can threaten to sue if you had nothing to do with it...and they have to prove you did it to deny unemployment--you may want a lawyer to intervene as well.


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