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Lying on Resumes and during Interviews

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  • Lying on Resumes and during Interviews

    Hi. I have a contract with a staffing firm where they train me for 5 weeks, then within three months they have to find me work. I can't work for anyone else (IT job) during this waiting period, and if I get a job I can't work for anyone else for a year. If no job is found after 3 months, the contract is void.

    Now the funny part, I just finished my training in MI, and I talked to my marketing manager. He gave me some sample resumes which I should model mine after, but I noticed that all of these resumes had 4+ years of experience in the field. I am fresh out of college and have no experience yet. I asked him if I stood a chance of getting a job, and he replied that I should fudge my resume. He said that over 90% of the people who they hire out are told to do this.

    Basically he told me that I should lie, and say that I have 4+ years of experience in the field on the resume, so I can be hired out for higher positions. He said to list false companies, false dates, and false projects that i've worked on. He then said during interviews I just have to lie when asked technical questions about the companies and projects that I have worked on. Is this illegal? I obviously don't want to lie and screw up my reputation. Can I just tell the guy that I've decided not to lie, and say that I would like to have my contract be void? I am bound to this company for 3 months, but I want to find work as soon as possible. Also, the contract says that if they terminate me for "just" reason, they can charge me $5000 for the training. Everyone who is training for this company is from out of state or a legal alien. How can I get out of this situation? Can I just tell them that I don't feel comfortable lying, because I can get in big trouble for it? And that I would like to have the contract ripped up because of this? Would they probably just let me go to avoid the hassle? I'm confused...let me know. Thanks.

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    Yikes! You cannot do that. And most firms now check backgrounds. That is reason to break the agreement and even to file a police report frankly. We cannot believe his supervisors would support that, or if they do something is very wrong.


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      OK. Well I think that the whole company is shady. They are training people for a month, and selling them (over half have no technical experience) off as people with years of experience and projects. I didn't realize this until now. I am the only non-minority being trained there right now as far as I know. The guy even suggested that I say my age is 24 instead of 22, so that I could say that I graduated in 2004 instead of 2006 (and thus have fake full time experience outside of the class for a couple of years). I just kind of sat there in shock saying "...ok. can you do that? won't people know how old i am with background checks and if they have my soc sec #?" He then said he'd check with his supervisor if that can be done.

      So I think the whole company is corrupt. I dont' know how the hell I got into this haha? They're registered with the BBB. But like I said, is it actually illegal rather than just "dishonest" to lie to employers about things like age/companies you've worked for? If it isn't, I'll just tell them, "no thank you. i don't feel like lying. so basically since I have no chance to get a job under your system, can i break the contract with no cost to myself?" If it is illegal, then I'll just say "Ummm...hell no I'm not lying. That's illegal and I dont' want to screw myself. Rip up my contract, because I don't want to have any part of this place anymore." I'm just scared that I'm going to have to be stuck there for 3 months without being able to look for another job...


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        Frankly you could even sue for damages in small claims or other court. They should not be advising you and handling your career this way.


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          I assume they ended up in prison at some point with that business plan.


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