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anyone here familiar with non extradition ?

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  • anyone here familiar with non extradition ?

    Hello All,

    I was not sure what section to post this in.

    I have been researching non extradition and finding a lot of information about it.

    But not sure if you were to commit a crime in the USA I have read that even if you flee to a country like montenegro or andorra that does not have extradition treaties with the us they can still send you back is that correct?

    I have also done research and the only true safe place a person who committed a crime in the USA to live and be safe from the us justice department would be countries the USA does not have diplomatic relations with like taiwan, north korea, iran, Bhutan, and maybe cuba where legally the US governments hands would be tied.

    is this correct ?

    also if my research is correct and non extradition only applies if you are a citizen of that country and they can still send you back regardless of a treaty. Then would going to a country like the Phillipines be a better choice as a safe haven.

    please note this is just curious questions and just wanted to get some clarity on it.

    I would also be interested in knowing what international law books I could pick up regarding non extradition and things of this nature.

    thanks for any advice

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    Re: anyone here familiar with non extradition ?

    I wish to inform you that for extradition countries laws where a person has gone will be taken into consideration. In this regard where there is extradition treaty there a person can be extradited under treaty. In countries where there is no extradition treaty there it can be done with the permission of government. Countries like Cuba or North Korea there is difficulty in extradition but even these countries may send person back. In countries where there is no diplomatic relations there generally government may pose difficulty in extradition but it is not totally impossible.



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      Re: anyone here familiar with non extradition ?

      You seem to have a grasp on it. There is more but I am not going to share.
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        Re: anyone here familiar with non extradition ?

        If a person wanted for prosecution in one country enters the borders of another, the country whose judicial system seeks him has no authority to force him to appear in court. In this situation, the only way to get the person into your court of law is to come to a diplomatic agreement with the country in which he is residing for that country to use its authority to seize him, and then turn him over to the authorities of your country. This process is called extradition. Countries rarely extradite their own citizens, regardless of the basis for the extradition request.


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          Re: anyone here familiar with non extradition ?

          Extradition is at a country's option.


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