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Money Transfer Scam?

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  • Money Transfer Scam?

    We have recently received this email from a production plant company supposedly based in Taiwan, please could you advise us as to weather their intent is legal and would we if we decided to become an agent for them, be contravening any money or tax law.

    We have checked out the company in question and it seems to be all in order, we would be grateful for your advice.

    Regards and thanks in advance

    The international money transfer tax for legal entities (companies) in Taiwan is 25%, whereas for the individual it is only 7%.There is no sense for us to work this way, while tax for international money transfer made by a private individual is 7% .That's why we need you! We need agents to receive payment for our Packaging Machinery products inform of bank wire transfers and to resend the money to us via our bank account in Taiwan while the tax shall be 7% instead of 25% which will absolutely favour our company.


    1. Recieve payment from Clients either by check or wire transfer
    2. Cash Payments at your Bank
    3. Deduct 10% which will be your commission on each payment processed.
    4. Forward balance afetr deduction of 10% commission to offices which shall be provided by us as soon as the fund
    becomes available.

    10% from each operation! For instance: you receive 5000 pounds via checks or wire transfer on our behalf. You will cash the money and keep 500 pounds (10% from 5000 pounds ) for yourself! At the beginning your commission will equal 10%, though later it will increase up to 12%!

    You do not have to go out as you will work as an independent contractor
    right from your home office. Your job is absolutely legal.
    You can earn up to 3000-4000 pounds monthly depending on time will spend on this job. You do not need any capital to start. You can do the Work easily without leaving or affecting your present Job. Employee who make more efforts and work hard has strong possibility of becoming manager. Anyway our employees never leave us due to our excellent working condition.

    18 years or older legally capable responsible ready to work 3-4 hours per week.with PC knowledge e-mail and internet experience (minimal). And please be mindful that everything is absolutely legal.

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    re: Money Transfer Scam?

    This is a common scam. Eventually you get checks that are fraudulent and you are liable. Stay away from that offer.

    See also:


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      re: Money Transfer Scam?

      I have received the same offered and accepted and now I don't know what to do


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        re: Money Transfer Scam?

        Discard it or inform the police.


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          re: Money Transfer Scam?

          What is the purpose of these people. What do they earn from this? Is this a way of washing money that come from illegal transactions?


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            re: Money Transfer Scam?

            Perhaps it is money laundering, but the main scam is to send you a cheque which you pay into your back account. This will show as 'Cleared funds' after a week or so and you can draw on it.

            It may be clear funds in your account, but only because the account details the cheque is drawn on is valid, however the bank have not yet received the funds from abroad.

            There will be a delay between the time the funds funds as cleared in your account and the cheque being dishonoured by the bank it is drawn on. This is where the scam catches people out.

            You are able to transfer (telegraphic or another fast transfer method) money - but a week or two later YOUR bank will be notified the cheque is bad and take the ORIGINAL amount back out of your account which will effectively leave you paying the scammers.

            Here's an example.

            January 1st - You have $5,000 in your account and pay in a scam cheque for $5,000

            January 7th - You now have $10,000 in your account
            January 8th - Transfer $4,500 to the scammers (Remember you get 10% commission)
            January 8th - Account balance now $5,500
            January 15th - Cheque is dishonoured and your bank debits the original $5,000.
            Account balance now $500 !!


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              re: Money Transfer Scam?

              A few years ago I engaged in the same type of business. In the first week I received two checks totaling about 6, 000 dollars. I immediately investigated and contacted the 2 people who sent me the checks in the U.S. As it turns out they were legitimate checks they sent me because they purchased items from me on Ebay (musical instrument and gold bullion).

              These people were smart. They managed to create an Ebay account in my name and somehow have it appear that I had been selling for years and had a very strong rating for goods sold. Up until that point in time I had never even been on Ebay. When I returned the checks to their rightful owners and informed the company of what I was doing they managed to download a virus on my computer that was pretty brutal.

              I am now investigating a suspected similar approach.

              Try to remember the old saying "Too good to be true"


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                re: Money Transfer Scam?

                I already gave this person my information so now what?


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                  re: Money Transfer Scam?

                  Originally posted by Unregistered View Post
                  I already gave this person my information so now what?
                  someone help me my e-mail is [email protected]


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                    re: Money Transfer Scam?

                    I have received an offer to accept checks from customers here in the US, deposit them in my account, wait for them to clear, then wire the funds out of the country... Sound legit?


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