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Junior Dragon Chasers and Hunters Now Being Recruited In Beijing, Fujian, & Shandong

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    Re: Junior Dragon Chasers and Hunters Now Being Recruited In Beijing, Fujian, & Shand

    Chines people should stop eating dragons and every other creature they can trap.

    That's why we have this virus problem today.

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  • Michelle Li
    Re: Junior Dragon Chasers and Hunters Now Being Recruited In Beijing, Fujian, & Shand

    My grandfather used to tell me stories of the "Dragon Warriors" when I was a kid growing up in Shanghai, but until twelve years ago I never thought such creatures existed. But then I met some archaeologists from America in Xian who found some bones everyone thought were dinosaur bones until they did a Carbon 14 test and realized the huge bones (about 2 meters long and maybe 20 centimeters thick) were only about 4,000 years old and were found near old palaces locations. Dinosaur bones are all older than 100,000 years old.

    Anyway, these archaeologists teamed up with some Korean cloning scientist experts, and the last I heard was they they were trying to extract some DNA from some dragon they found frozen in a glacier on an expedition in Siberia. Their theory was that the green dragon they found got lost while flying in a blinding snow storm and then got blown north out of China by the high winds of the storm, before it became exhausted and died of hypothermia in Siberia. Dr. Vladislav Gurenko found the beast and photographed it in 1959. But the world was told nothing of this until a few years ago when the Koreans went to extract the DNA from frozen brain tissue.

    Here are notes published in Korean from their medical research journal (rough translation).: Surprisingly, this creature which measured more than 20 meters from nose to tail, and which must weigh about 800 kilos, has a brain no larger than a large grapefruit with two identical lobes that resemble the ancient Chinese "yin and yang" symbol. The creatures foot measured more than one meter in lenght and had three front and one rear toe. The incisor teeth of the beast measured 12 centimeters long and the tail alone was 4 meters long" Clearly this was a huge animal.

    Anyway, I now wonder if the Korean research team succeeded in their quest to clone a dragon like they did farm animals and a human being a few years ago? If so, this might explain why people are starting to see these baby dragons again.

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  • China News
    Baby blue Dragon captured and released by Korean tourists in Beijing, China

    Only one month ago the tree farmers of Huairou, a small rural suburb of Beijing near the great wall complained to the local police of the local dragon "Percy" keeping them awake at night with moans and whimpering. Now we know why...

    Tourist Kim Choi and Jhong Hae Park were hiking near the Great Wall during that period of time and stumbled upon a cave where they found a large green egg about the size of a basketball had apparently hatched, but they did not know of any bird large enough to lay such a large egg. They also said the cave had a sweet smell that they described as "like the incense of a temple" which they could not explain.

    Later after eating their lunch they continued their nature hike when they heard some high-pitched shrieks and followed their ears down into a small valley. It was there that they saw three gray wolves chasing after what looked like a blue lizard with wings! But each time a wolf went to bite the creature it shot out a 1 meter flame from it's mouth! It was then that the two hikers realized it was a baby dragon. But to the wolves, the little creature was just going to be a lunch snack.

    They ran to chase away the wolves and save the tiny dragon as they shouted and waved their hiking sticks in the air. The frightened wolves ran off and the scared baby dragon was saved! Grateful, it jumped up on Kim shoulder and whimpered. The two friend the snapped this photo of their new little friend they decided to call "Smokey"...

    The Korean tourists decided they would adopt Smokey and take him back to Korea. But what to feed him? They knew nothing about dragons. "Not to worry - we can look it up on the internet" said Choi.

    But later that week after the Baby' mother Percy was moaning every night and keeping the villagers awake, the farmers placed a call to Anton the dragon hunter, and begged him to come to Huairou and figure out what was keeping Percy and all of Huairou awake.

    After Anton the old dragon hunter arrived and met with the tree farmers, he went to visit with Percy who was not in a good mood. After seeing the empty egg shell Anton asked Percy what had happened. Percy explained that when she went returned from taking her weekly bath at Minyun Lake her newborn baby was gone, and she was sure the wolves at him.

    Anton assured Percy that he would investigate and using his dragon tracking and hunting skills, he was able to find and follow the dragon droppings and sent to a tent at the base of a mountain. It was there that he found the two Koreans playing with their new pet. Anton introduced himself and advised the hikers that it was against the law in China to capture baby wildlife unless it was injured, and he could see that Percy's baby had no injuries.

    Although Choi and Park were sad to hear the news, they agreed to let Anton return "Smokey" to it's mother since they didn't know what to feed it anyway. That night Anton brought the little creature back to it's cave where Percy was so happy. The villagers of Huairou now can sleepy soundly again, knowing their three local dragons are safe, sound, and happy.

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  • Junior Dragon Chasers and Hunters Now Being Recruited In Beijing, Fujian, & Shandong

    The Chinese government has recently authorized the recruitment of 50 junior dragon hunters in China to help save the endangered dragons of China from the hungry wolves that roam the countryside, and to track down and capture the trouble-making black dragon of Fujian (Dexter) who is pictured above only two weeks after he was born. Back then he was not naughty.

    These days Dexter is 10 meters tall, and causing problems all over Fujian Province where the tea growers are furious with him for burning up more than five acres of green tea - just for fun! He is no longer loved nor wanted by the people of Fujian and a $1 million reward has been offered for his capture and relocation to Gansu where he can be punished and rehabilitated.

    So the dragon hunter has been summoned by President Xi Jin Ping to recruit 50 new dragon hunters and 50 dragon chasers to help solve China's two dragon problems. If you are interested in tracking and hunting dragons, please send an email along with the name of your school to MagicDragonClub{at} and tell us why you want to be a dragon hunter or chaser. If President Xi approves, you will be recruited and trained for duty in your Province.
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