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Product liability of imported Chinese tires to Canada

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  • Product liability of imported Chinese tires to Canada

    I want to import tires from China to Canada. How can I avoid product liability as an importer? I was thinking of getting product liability insurance, but most of the insurance companies will either try to avoid getting involved in this or their premium are at a minimum of $25,000 annually (based on an estimate that I got from an insurance broker).

    Let's say if if the tire manufacturer is not in China but some where in Eastern Europe like Serbia or Belarus? Legally, would it be easier to deal with them rather than a Chinese company?

    I would really appreciate anybody's help regarding this matter. Thank you

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    Re: Product liability of imported Chinese tires to Canada

    I wish to inform you that you may import from China or Eastern Europe as you may like. In international trade costs of goods vary from country to country and further cost of transport may affect your decision. As you may be importing thus country of import may not be affect you. Further you may deal through letter of credit through your bank so as to reduce chances of scam. You can further form a company in order to reduce your personal liability.



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      Re: Product liability of imported Chinese tires to Canada

      Thank you for your reply AFFA. I understand there is a lot of scamming in China, and we should be very careful. And we will have a corporation registered before importing the tires.

      My main concern is about product liability after importing tires. Like in the long run if there are any defectives or they cause any damage.


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