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China Scam: PS3 buying chat

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  • China Scam: PS3 buying chat

    here is some interesting conversation i have with a chine scammer

    But beforet hat let me tell you something.

    Do you know who makes every single PS3 from China? Or now the world for that matter.

    The first 3,000 or so were made in Japan. I couldn't get one fast enough. Darn

    It is a company called Maintek, and it is located in Suzhou,China.

    No other wholesaler or retailer can sell you their product, no matter what form of payment they can accept, or how hard they try to get you to believe it.

    If you still don't believe me, just ask your "supplier" where his/her PS3's were manufactured and by who.

    I will show you a quote from one of my conversations when I asked this question.

    2007 1:45:43 PM Tejpaul Hello, I have one question

    1:46:22 PM SuperLL yes

    1:46:36 PM SuperLL you can lay your question here

    1:47:05 PM Tejpaul Does your company know who manufactures your Sony Playstation 3's?

    1:47:10 PM SuperLL I will come back soon 1:47:16 PM Tejpaul alright

    2:15:43 PM Tejpaul ok 2:15:52 PM Tejpaul Does your company know who manufactures your Sony Playstation 3's? 2:16:26 PM SuperLL are you sure it is a wise question you should ask? 2:16:31 PM Tejpaul yes 2:16:53 PM SuperLL so do you think who it is?

    2:17:14 PM Tejpaul I know who manufactures them, I own one 2:17:20 PM Tejpaul I want to know if your company knows 2:17:53 PM SuperLL I don't answer any stupid questions,indeed 2:18:04 PM Tejpaul I see, so you don't know

    2:18:32 PM Tejpaul If you were a real company, then you would have no problem answering this question 2:19:13 PM SuperLL a company won't be fooled by a stupid question,isn't it?

    2:19:28 PM Tejpaul How is that a stupid question? 2:20:44 PM SuperLL I don't suggest u buy a PS3,or if you owe one now you can send it to others

    2:21:03 PM Tejpaul I own one unit, for myself

    2:21:06 PM SuperLL Not to sell

    2:21:57 PM SuperLL I mean send to others,not sell you can sendit to your brother or MR Green nearby 2:22:14 PM Tejpaul What?

    2:23:08 PM SuperLL your IQ is too low to manage it! so goodbye! 2:23:36 PM Tejpaul Your company claims to have 20 units of PS3 for 127 EUR, if you do the math, thats 6.35 per unit. The case of a real PS3 costs more than that.

    I bet that ruined her day. Oh well

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    re: China Scam: PS3 buying chat




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      re: China Scam: PS3 buying chat

      Originally posted by alfredody View Post
      here is some interesting conversation i have with a chine scammer

      I bet that ruined her day. Oh well
      Actually, you were probably chatting with a man. For example, if you look on Alibaba now, you will see alot of sellers now have pictures of women as their avatars. The purpose could be to make you think that you are doing business with a woman; as a woman you think that she is harmless and would not do scam activities, as, it is mainly men who are involved in crime....


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        re: China Scam: PS3 buying chat

        or may be you feel more comfortable in doing business(if any) with women :P..


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