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I was sold a used laptop from Costco and bought supposedly a new one.

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  • I was sold a used laptop from Costco and bought supposedly a new one.

    I was sold a used laptop from Costco and bought supposedly a new one. Now they are scamming me because I want what I paid for. I got into someone else’s account because Facebook remembered the device. I've been trying to replace it and I can’t get help. They stole from me and have others' info. It was in May. My mom bought it but to guess about $700 or so. Costco sold me a used computer. When I call and try to get help they say there is no record of a call blah blah blah. Mind you I just got off the phone with them and they called me back so it was recorded. It’s a scam and I spend time and money, then they won’t return it.

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    Your Mom bought it. She's the customer. Did she keep the receipt? Did she pay by credit card? (Might be too late for a charge back but she can try it.) The box it came in? The paperwork that came with it? You're going to have to have documentation that the sale took place.

    Would have been nice if you had discovered this within the 90 day refund period for computers.

    If you are getting no help at the store level. Try corporate. The following web page has email addresses for corporate executives.

    Costco - Elliott Advocacy

    Leah Monica seems to be a good bet as primary contact.

    But I gotta tell you, before you email somebody, compile any documentation of purchase that your Mom has. ​


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      Take them to small claims court and file your complaint


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        Right. Take Costco to small claims court without any documentation of purchase. Duh.


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          Well you may have to drag mom along to the hearing, lol


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            It's Mom's purchase. It's Mom that has to sue.

            If law800 sues his can can easily be dismissed because he has no standing to sue, not his purchase.


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