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  • Online Cigarette Tax

    I received a letter from the state of NJ advising me I owe back taxes on online cigarette purchases made several years ago. Unfortunately at the time of purchase I made them in order to take advantage of the cheaper price not to "cheat" the state so now I am quite shocked by the bill I am being asked to pay. As I said this was a few years ago when I still smoked. Is there any recourse for me in this issue?
    Thank you for any advice,

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    re: Online Cigarette Tax

    You can dispute it and force them to prove it...they often do not want to do so; or have WLD lawyers intervene if need be.


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      re: Online Cigarette Tax

      Thank you for replying. How do I get WLD to intervene? They have sent me copies of all dates and purchase amounts made.
      Thank you,


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        re: Online Cigarette Tax

        you may email [email protected] or use the home page web form


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          re: Online Cigarette Tax

          Hello, I live in Michigan and I purchased cigarettes online over two years ago. I also just wanted to support my bad habit for a lower cost. I did not know there was a law against purchasing any product online. It shouldn't matter what was purchased where in this
          FREE Country, what State or from what business. The State Governments have no right
          to single out and persecute people for buying cigarettes from another source to save money! Why don't they go after everything purchased online???
          I have not yet received a bill for taxes owed, but my father in-law has.
          They say he owes the state $900.00. They are charging him $20.00 per carton for the tax he would have paid on them here in MI.
          I believe this is a constitutional violation of our rights and freedoms of this great Country.
          When I receive my bill from them , I will fight it. What gives them the right when I can drive to another state and bring back 2 cartons legally without paying any extra.
          Somebody must start a protest petition against this.


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            Re: Online Cigarette Tax

            I live in Massachusette and have purchased cigarettes online for three years. Today they sent me a tax bill for $8800.00 Anyone have advice on this subject???


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              Re: Online Cigarette Tax

              Originally posted by rrepella
              I live in Massachusette and have purchased cigarettes online for three years. Today they sent me a tax bill for $8800.00 Anyone have advice on this subject???
              Let me guess... you found an online retailer that DIDN'T charge you taxes, am I right?

              According to this: Requirements for Cigarette Purchases from Internet Retailers - Massachusetts Department of Revenue - Mass.Gov

              all internet retailers who sell cigarettes are required to charge the appropriate sales and excise taxes of $25.10 per carton.

              If you didn't pay the required taxes, you are required by law to complete a form and pay the excise tax yourself. If it was found that the internet retailer failed to charge you the taxes, AND you never filed the proper forms and paid the taxes yourself, they are probably charging you NOW for the taxes you didn't already pay according to the law.

              Trying to skirt the law by purchasing out of state and failing to pay the proper taxes on your cigarettes have very expensive consequences. Unless you can prove you've alreay paid the taxes, you're going to be on the hook for them.
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                Re: Online Cigarette Tax

                You may dispute it and ask them for documentation etc; they normally don't want a large fight. Have WLD lawyers intervene if need be for a modest fee. This is a common problem; and the state is looking for easy payments.
                Ryan Berry


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