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Linden Lab/Secondlife fraudulent business practices

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  • Linden Lab/Secondlife fraudulent business practices

    Linden Lab provides an on-line Internet game named Secondlife by very fraudulent and extortion way. They sell virtual lands to customers for very high prices (1,000-4,000 USD per 65,536sqm SIM ), charge customers monthly tier 195-295 USD for purchased land usage and 9.95 USD monthly membership in addition.

    They Terms of Service (TOS) are changed on the fly and they new policy since July 2009 disallows me to use my virtual lands I bought for over 4,000 USD and which was guaranteed to use for certain reason by they TOS before they changed it even I received no acceptable replacement nor refund and extorted by this company to pay 195 USD tier further for land usage for 7 months already even the land I own is not usable and I am not served properly by this company. This way I was deceived by this company at the time I bought my virtual lands.

    They threatening me if I stop pay that tier my virtual lands will be reclaimed and my account closed for deliquency and i lose also all my inventory (about 10,000 USD) without any refund.

    They are not able to offer me an appropriate replacement for 7 months nor give me any deadline when they will do it even I lost over 1300 USD paying for unusable land since they changed they policy and they force me to pay further. All they offer are just a one way offers leading to rise they company income and letting me to lose my invested money because they offered me just ugly unacceptable 1,000 USD value replacements in exchange for my over 4,000 USD value lands.

    Company staff not uses real names but nicks like Harry Linden, Patch Linden etc. even they without any legal reason ask customers to verify age by passports, ID, Driver's license or bills so they know all about customers but customers don't know the real names of any staff members. It's impossible to identify who communicates to customer trough tickets or in live support chat.

    All communication with support staff goes trough ticket system or trough live chat. Tickets are not responded for weeks or even months or they are simply closed without any respond at all even they promise on they support page to respond within 72 hrs.

    Staff is very arrogant and ignores paying customers as well as making them all fear of losing all investments.. something like 'Pay us for game, don't complain and we probably don't ban you without any refund...No real services provided for those money nor any care about customers. All they recruiting ads and descriptions of customers care are lies.

    If the company changes the rules, they simply each time force customers to agree with they new TOS in window opened at login and if customer disagrees then access to his account is simply disallowed so customer cant even sell his properties to quit the game.

    All above and much more dirty business practices are used by this company and staff to rise they income causing huge loses to customers.

    I play this game for 3 years so invested over 10,000 USD to inventory, bought virtual properties for over 4,000 USD and paid over 7,500 USD tier for land usage and membership, but that company trying to let me pay further and cause me even more loses for services and land usage even my lands are unusable for months nor offers any services.

    My financial reserves are really exhausted and I can't pay that company further because I have no sales for those 7 months in that game on those unusable virtual lands so seems all my money and assets will be lost.

    I feel it's a real crime so how can I fight them if I am from Europe?

    Can any institution stop them to charge me until they give me an acceptable replacement or refund me in full for loses they caused me and disallow them to close my account and reclaim my 4,000 USD value virtual properties and 10,000 USD value inventory? The whole problem is not my fault and caused exclusivelly by changing the Linden Lab policy, but no replacement nor refund offered just extortion and threatening...

    Thank you for any suggestions!


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    Re: Linden Lab/Secondlife fraudulent business practices

    I am not sure what can be done but something or someone needs to look into their billing practices for there are issues. I have asked them for over a year why they were over charging for a full sim when only half a sim was in use, with no response ever from them on it I stopped payment demanding a reason for the over charges & then I would let them charge their billing to my bank again each month. They never answered why they were over charging & simply blocked me from the world with after years of time, investment & work. But I did also bring a major branding/copyright issue to their attention mayhaps they were not so happy about missing that too. So good luck, I hope you find your answers & look up Trella McMahon on facebook


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      Re: Linden Lab/Secondlife fraudulent business practices

      good night
      I made a purchase in the market place xsteet last night of 24th December. I'm waiting until now the two items purchased .... someone can tell me where can I complain?
      I spoke with two vendors of items bought, they told me not to have received no payment and was deducted from my account sl
      I spoke with two vendors of items bought, they told me not to have received no payment and was deducted from my account sl
      I await a response
      margarida skute


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        Re: Linden Lab/Secondlife fraudulent business practices

        They run scared and pay up then. CROOKS


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