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I want to take out a restraining order against this stupid, Australian bogan...

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  • I want to take out a restraining order against this stupid, Australian bogan...

    There's a guy my age from Western Australia, who keeps bothering me online, and has done so for more than 5 years by this point. I'm 36 myself, and living in Scotland. So what can I do about this person's utter nonsense? His name is James Berich.

    The Australian guy makes all of these accounts to pester me on message boards, as well as YouTube and Fandom wikis. He went through the trouble of editing every article I did on a wiki for horror movies. He has been at this over the last couple of years, so if I add anything to the pages again, he gets notified, then returns and tries to be an attention craving lunatic by reverting me, telling lies, or posting anonymous comments with what looks to be proxies. Besides that, he is a weirdo in general. He puts strange videos on YouTube of himself wearing gloves, with his face hidden, and putting in subtle references to things only we will likely know about. Calls himself "Gimpy" and "GrimReaper" and all manner of dumb, or abusive sounding pseudonyms, which can typically include my full name...

    I don't even want to put anything about my own film work on IMDb, Wikipedia, or similar sites anymore. That's because he's a highly obsessive piece of crud, who may even be contacting those in charge of these movies, or whatever it may be, because I got cast as an extra.

    I had to flag so many videos on YouTube with stolen content, which was a real bore to do. He is highly obsessive and posts vile comments on multiple forums, but usually only on forums where they've been left in a sort of noticeable, abandoned manner. Like, you can see that there's no administrators or moderators active, so there is no-one around to remove the immature crap and personal information he keeps on posting - including my real name and address. Trying to get the hosting information for to report these websites is also hard too, as many people these days go paying to disguise this info, and they don't really respond to your emails.

    OK. I'll leave it at that. But you can probably get the jist of what he's like. And the saddest part is, that I've actually known him for more than 2 decades, as he was also active on Resident Evil related sites with me in 2004 and so on. Yet it was only around 2017 that he came back out of the blue, and he has been bothering me every month since that time. Says stuff about how I'm a "retard" with no talent or life skills, and that I'm going to "pay" and whatnot. Even tells me what phones, Android TV boxes and laptops I'm using, and when my next dental appointment is for some reason, which is just, um, super bizarre. But of course, he just reads my posts everywhere.

    Although he slipped up and posted pictures of himself, and his dog, plus IP address leaks and his location, which led me to his Twitter profile once, and it's definitely the same annoying guy I knew in prior years as "James" and "Nemesis556" from when he ran a site, known as Capcom Central. None of this even bothers him one bit, however. But I immediately remembered him as this creepy James guy from way back then. He just constantly abuses me on the Internet, and it's really sad, considering he is 36 as well.

    The thing is... I contacted the police in Perth. Because I'm overseas, they ain't gonna budge.

    Regards, from Grace Saunders (thesaunderschild).

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    I would suggest you inform multiple law enforcement agencies that you have safety concerns, and want This person to be contacted and if possible a restraining order Or at least a caution of non harassment. file formal harassment charges if need be.
    Don't just take one person's word for it at the police offices


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      Consult an attorney in his location about filing a lawsuit. If you aren't willing or able to do that, nothing will change.

      Unless, of course, you just get off the internet and you aren't around to be picked on anymore.


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        Yeah. I am going to try emailing legal firms in Western Australia this week.

        Unfortunately, they may want a hell of a lot of money. So if I was prepared to pay, I'd like to hope it would be a short term pursuit. Otherwise, the little punk will get away with this harassment.

        I live on welfare. All I receive from the DWP monthly is Universal Credit, and Personal Independent Payment.

        I am unemployed. I've attempted to get a lawyer to replace someone I had before, concerning separate matters involving ex support workers. They either give me the brush off, or they quote £500 per hour. So it doesn't look good...


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          You seem to know who this person is then why not just phone them and tell them to cease it.


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            I asked this Australian lady to report him, because she was on the same forum. This is basically a forum for anxiety discussions, and has been left to rot. He called her "edge granny" when she flamed him. For some bizarre reason, she posted her full address and mobile number. Typically, reports from overseas go ignored because of their so-called jurisdiction. I already recorded myself calling Western Australia, and he saved my video for some reason, and republished it. This guy is actually 36. I've never seen anybody so daft. He actually listed my user names in this profile called PeterAndersonIsARacist. That must have taken a phenomenal amount of time for him to compile. But yep. That guy's a wacko, if I ever saw one.


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              I have the same problem with an Australian guy who Aries previously banned. His account on here is Rub. Also used the handle "Bur" on here for a while, too. On an anxiety forum that has unfortunately been left unmoderated, he is spamming my address details and posting my full name, and saying my family ought to die from Covid. He is certainly demented, I'll say that. I am in the process of saving up for a civil case against him, which is more so criminal. However, I don't reside in Australia. I'm in Edinburgh, Scotland.


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                Is that you Peter Ross Anderson born 1986 Edinburgh Scotland, actor in 'The Dulvey Saga' with an IMDb profile, convicted and jailed multiple times for crimes against women, stalking women and young girls, telling young girls he knows where they live, going by the names, Grace Saunders, thesaunderschild, Pedro, Peteraactor,


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