I have a question, my question is I been to local courts about it no one there can give me any answer other then let her go she will stop the bad new is she haven't stop it been 2 years now... She refuse to stop... I will explain to what I am refer too..

They are a girl in Australia I will not say her name to protect that. She was my fiance girlfriend they broke up a month before me and him met. Me and my fiance has ask her many times to stop leave him alone she won't do it.... She told me she would never stop some way somehow she would get him back. He doesn't want anything to do with her but she alway finds him on facebook or myspace and she try to get him to add her. However he deleted his Myspace in hope she would get the hint to leave him alone but yet she hasn't not because she follow him to Facebook. What is bad this is harassing I want to know what is. Me and my fiance want to know what to do about it....

If anyone been through the same thing or Maybe someone know what to do Please tell me anything would be helpful.

I am in the United States