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Visa: bring someone to the US from the Philippines for a short visit

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  • Visa: bring someone to the US from the Philippines for a short visit

    I want to bring someone here to the US from the Philippines for a short visit. Is this possible and What are the cost or visa? I have never met this person face to face, however we have been communicated for more than ten months.


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    re: Visa: bring someone to the US from the Philippines for a short visit

    I wish to inform you that the purpose of coming to US will determine the type of visa required. In this regard you can bring the person on tourist visa if the purpose is to visit USA. The person will have to apply for US visa and if consulate is satisfied that purpose is bona fide then they will grant visa. In this you can act as sponsor of that person and provide Affidavit of support form for US visa along with letter of invitation.



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      re: Visa: bring someone to the US from the Philippines for a short visit

      All applicants, regardless of age, are required to appear at the U.S. Embassy for an interview. A minor (unmarried, younger than 20) must have at least one parent accompanying him during the interview. If he is an orphan, or both parents are outside the Philippines during the time of visa application, a legal guardian should appear during the interview in behalf of the minor’s parents.

      Prepare the basic and additional/supporting documentary requirements first. Foreigners eligible to apply at the U.S. Embassy in the Philippines must present their original Philippine residency permit. Birth certificate issued by the National Statistics Office (NSO); police certificate or National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) certificate dating 6 months or earlier; proof of marriage including marriage certificate and photographs for a married applicant, or Certificate of No Marriage (CENOMAR) for single individuals; valid driver’s license or other government-issued ID cards.

      Additional/supporting documents specifically required for U.S. tourist visa applicants include bank certifications, property titles, documented assets and other proofs of financial capacity to travel; official school records (if a student); and income tax return, certificate of employment and monthly payslips (if employed). Prepare four identical photos printed in quality photo paper also.
      Book your interview appointment either through the Embassy Call Center (requires additional phone charge) or through the Visa Point System which allows you to apply online free of charge. Confirm the appointment.
      Present your Appointment Confirmation Receipt to the bank teller and pay the applicable fee. All U.S. tourist visa applicants must pay the machine-readable visa application fee of USD $131. The amount must be paid in Philippine currency at the U.S. government exchange rate prevailing during the time the payment is made.
      You will be advised whether you qualifies for the visa. If you are issued a visa, fill in the courier form and proceed to the courier section. Pay the fee for the sending of your passport with the visa


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        Re: Visa: bring someone to the US from the Philippines for a short visit

        My recommendation is to not waste your time and/or money! I have worked for the US Government for 37 years and my wife and I just recently had our first child so we sent a Tourist Visa request for her mom to visit and it was denied. The interviewer at the US Embassy in Manila asked her three questions; why are you going, do you have a job and do you have a bank account. The fallacy with this is that she had all of the associated documentation in regards to my income and the fact that we were financially responsibly but was never asked for it. Now my question to you is "how many 67 year old US citizens have a job and for that matter, a bank account of any significance"? Also, the really insensitive part of this is that the person doing the interview told her to fell free to apply again! So, if she were to "waste her money" and apply again she still will not have a job and/or bank account so the results would still be the same. My conclusion is that the US is capitalizing from people who can barely afford to eat in hopes that they will be gullible to return a second time and more than likely be refused! Good luck in your endeavor as I will not humiliate my wife's relatives again but would rather go to the Philippines on vacation and give them my money!


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