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Admitted incorrectly/harrassed

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  • Admitted incorrectly/harrassed

    About 3 weeks ago I was admitted to a mental health hospital because I arrived in an ER in a "canatonic" state due to stress from the passing of a loved one. I came out of it in about 2 hours and never wanted to harm myself in ANY way before, during, or after the ordeal. I told the doctors and the social worker for the mental hospital this over 70 times. The social worker convinced me to go voluntarily to the hospital, and that I could leave at any time, I wouldn't have things taken away from me, etc. She spent 2 hours on the phone with the insurance.

    I finally get there and find out there are not beds in the grief unit (where she promised I would be) for atleast 3 weeks and I was stuck with the alcoholics unit. I do not have a problem with narcotics nor alcohol. The patients there sexually harrassed me by touching me, grabbing me, pushing me, and verbally threatening and suggesting we should do sexual things. I told the nurses and they did nothing. I even had a patient obessesd with me. After this I went to the front to go ahead and leave and they said I couldn't because I was admitted under suicide, which I later found out was only said so my insurance would pay for it. Like I said before, in no way or form (and I have witnesses) did I say I wanted to harm myself nor did I in the past, and the ER doctor saw no purpose to commit me and did not feel I was a danger to myself. So basicly at this point I was stuck since they could put me on a 96 hour hold if I tried to leave since I was under suicide watch.

    I finally talked to my assigned doctor and he mentioned things in my record that I didn't even say, like I was held against my will as a sex slave for 6 months at age 14 (I was going to school etc so that doesn't make sense) and he would not answer where he got the information from nor did he let me see my record at all. I stayed in there 4 days until I finally got discharged when I saw a new doctor who saw no need for me to be there. It was the worst 4 days of my life, constantly being harrassed, in the wrong area, etc.

    My question is, what can I do? Nothing? Is it just my word against theirs?

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    Re: Admitted incorrectly/harrassed

    Are you asking if you can sue, or you want records...what actually?


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      Re: Admitted incorrectly/harrassed

      If I actually have a change of a lawsuit.


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        Re: Admitted incorrectly/harrassed

        my daughter just had a baby the hosiptal did a drug test from mom and baby both came out with flying colors but the hosiptal took a dirty diaper to test and that came up with drugs the mom is the cleanest person i know dont do any drugs she dont even likes to take asiprians please clear this up for me thanks


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          Re: Admitted incorrectly/harrassed

          Thats a difficult one.

          You can't change your medical records, you can only submit a statement to say that what is written in your file is incorrect.

          It is basically your word against theirs and I don't think there is much you can do about your 4 day detention.

          I am not sure if you can do anything about the sexual harrassment such as suing them for failing to provide you with a safe environment but again these you will have a hard time with the evidence.

          I think it is disgusting that they held you against your will for insurance purposes.


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