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Felt violated during routine postpartum exam

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  • Felt violated during routine postpartum exam

    I know this topic may come off as silly to some, but after the birth of my son my male nurse on night two of my hospital stay, lifted my shirt and looked at my breasts without consent. It happened quickly. I was so shocked I couldn't even react appropriately. He said after he put my shirt down that he was looking for cracked nipples from breastfeeding. I also have a condition known as Vitiligo which causes me to lose skin pigment. He said "so have your nipples always looked weird like that?"
    to which I had to defend myself and my medical disorder to this nurse.
    This left me feeling absolutely humiliated. I mean, not a single nurse asked to see my breasts other than one asking if I felt I needed lanolin. Every single nurse even asked consent before palpating my belly to make sure my uterus was descending and centered. This male nurse just lifted my shirt to look at my breasts without consent and then made a negative comment about the appearance of my nipples. It was wrong. I know this. My husband is infuriated and I am still very upset and embarrassed. As a survivor of long term molestation in my youth, I have been having a very hard time with this. My husband wants to file a law suit. My question is do we have a case if we didn't immediately report it? I was so out of it due to complications with my birth that I just wanted to get home and bond with my wee one. My son is three months old. Is it too late to file a complaint and do we have a case?

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    My question is do we have a case if we didn't immediately report it?
    This happened 3 months ago. It wasn't important enough to report the next day but now you think you've won the lawsuit lottery?

    I was so out of it
    Out of it enough to not remember what might actually have happened? That maybe he did ask for consent? Maybe you gave consent? Maybe you misinterpreted what he said about your nipples?

    Sorry, but after all this time I doubt that anybody will believe you.

    But feel free to report it to the hospital administrator. Maybe the guy will gut disciplined, maybe he won't.

    You can even consult an attorney if you want.

    I just don't think it's going anywhere.


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